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Post Thanksgiving Coma!

November 26, 2010

We hope everyone had a Smashing Thanksgiving.  Since we’re either fighting off other shoppers or still in a coma from too much turkey, we’re taking a day off and here is an article that will be appearing in next month’s South Barrington Life.  Enjoy and we’ll be back Monday with our usual witty repartee.

A Smashing Success at the BJWC’s Annual Fashion Show

Photo Courtesy of South Barrington Life

Smashing, a high-end fashion company manufacturing golf and tennis apparel had the sneak preview of their upcoming Spring Collection at the Barrington Junior Women’s Fall Fashion Show at Stonegate Conference and Banquet Centre in Hoffman Estates on Saturday, November 13, 2010.

Developed by three Barrington women – Alyssa Pazdan, Jayne Drew and Kelly Daugherty – Smashing was created after they noticed a gap in the market.  Alyssa Pazdan, Director of Product Development, explains “The majority of tennis apparel is made to fit a twenty-something body.  So, we spent a year and a half perfecting our figure flattering designs and researching different fabrics from around the world.  We were in search of the best performance fabrics that could also satisfy the fashionista in all of us.”

The company emphasizes that their golf and tennis apparel will not only allow the wearer to perform better, it will also make them look better.  They call it, “Fashion that Performs.”

Smashing’s product line stands out from other golf and tennis brands as it offers an inner layer of compression.  The compression works to both keep muscles warm (aiding in performance and recovery) and provide proprioceptive stimulation to increase coordination, as well as camouflaging women’s common problem areas, thus shedding pounds from a women’s silhouette.

“Women want to look good.  When they look good, they feel good.  And when they feel good, they play better,” said Marketing Director, Kelly Daugherty.  “We would like to thank Barrington Junior Women’s Club for offering us the opportunity to show the community our upcoming line.”

Photo Courtesy of South Barrington Life

They highlight that they each bring different and complimentary professional and business experiences, ranging from marketing, finance, design, management consulting, retail, IT, HR and advertisement.   “It’s been exciting how we each been able to create something unique together,” says Jayne Drew.  “We are also excited that we’ve been able to make our designs in Chicago and source our fabrics from US mills.”

The partners are looking forward to their February launch.  Smashing will be available locally at several area country clubs, trunk shows and online.  For more information about Smashing – check out or please contact Kelly Daugherty at

Photo Courtesy of South Barrington Life

2010 Copyright Smashing LLC 2010 Copyright


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