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Poetry, the Belly Button Shot and Smashing’s Video Holiday Card

November 29, 2010

Another busy weekend.

First I was greeted on Thanksgiving by a wonderful surprise.  Ace is a poet!!  Having been a past advertising big wig (ok, maybe I just liked to wear wigs), I love a good jingle.  To have a fellow poet in my midst — it is simply too exciting.  Just think of the memos that will circulate the office:

“Ace, when are the dresses going to be ready to go?

We need them for the big opening show.

I have an overage that Buzzkill is going to say “I’m out of luck”

but I think we can get her to sign it, if we make her drink that case of 2 Buck Chuck.”

I’m so excited to have a new hobby at work….

The Belly Button Shot

Saturday we worked on yet another hang tag.  This will bring the total to 3 hang tags.  I think if we add anymore, they will suggest we just attach a book.

This hang tag is highlighting the fact that the skirts need to be worn at your natural waist and not on your hips.  So we needed to take a picture of a woman’s torso to show where a natural waist is.  I volunteered my services for the shoot, but that was met with fits of laughter.  What?!?  Buzzkill is on a hang tag.  It is only fair!

Now mind you it is 2 days after Thanksgiving.  My “fat jeans” are tight (and every husband, boyfriend and male knows, steer clear when the fat jeans are tight!!).  So here I am taking pics of a beautiful woman with the waist of a 16-year-old (and mind you she’s had 2 kids!).  Life is not fair.  Pass the extra pie.

Smashing’s Video Card

While we had grandiose plans for our holiday card, I believe Buzzkills’ exact words were, “we don’t even have $$ for the postage.”  Well there is no way we can’t send a card, so look for our video card to post later to Facebook.  I tried to post here, but apparently WordPress thought “it was inappropriate.” It must have been Buzzkill’s split.

Hot off the presses – Here’s the link to the card:  Holiday Greetings


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