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Going Postal at the Trunk Show

December 3, 2010

So we all know I’m Spinner.  The one that can turn anything into a positive, marketing tool.  Well, I’m having a hard time with the latest.  Our first foray into the “ladies night out shopping event.”

Being newbies, we haven’t learned what price we are willing to pay for a sale.  To us every opportunity is one we take, because we need and want every sale.  After tonight, I learned sometimes, saying “no” to some opportunities is a better deal.

My mother in law graciously set up with her country club for us to be included in a ladies night out.  Now I had some reservations.  It is Christmas time and our clothes are for Spring.  We could only take pre-orders, their club doesn’t have tennis, etc.  But I figured, it’s free, why not go see what happens?

Crickets chirping.  That’s what happened.

Sure we got one woman who recognized us from the paper (I guess we really are famous) and another woman who wants us to do the travel uniform next fall for her team — so some viable contacts.  But basically, the sounds of silence is what we heard.

They say silence is golden.  In sales, not so much.

So as Ace and I are watching the man with the knock off Stanley Cup t-shirts fending off people left and right (Stanley Cup people?!?!  wasn’t that last year?), we finally see an older woman making a bee line right to our table.  We are so excited!

This woman happened to be on the phone and rushes to our table, throws her oversized purse onto the table with a bang and starts snapping her fingers.  Ace and I look at each other.  Does she want to see a little soft shoe?  jazz?  So while Ace performs a little dance, she then exasperated reaches for our business card.  Oh, ok, great.  But then she starts writing all over it.  I was ready to take that Bic pen and use it as a weapon, but I gave her the benefit of the doubt.  I mean, maybe she is writing down a contact for us.  But then she snaps off her phone looks to her daughter who is standing next to her and says, “Target called me back.”

Wait, what?  You wrote all over my beautiful, high gloss business card because you got a message about A BLENDER!!!!!  Lady, you owe me $.20!!!

But she did have some manners.  After realizing that all her stuff was all over our table, she looked at our clothes and said, “What’s all this stuff?”


Now as I said before, I’m expected to find the “silver lining” — so here is what we learned:

1. Only do a show during the season you have a product for

2. Bring some music, or other loud visual aid to attract people to your booth

3. When you see mature ladies running to your table with phone in hand, hide the business cards

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