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A little bling with your tennis?

December 17, 2010

A few days ago, I needed to meet with the factory owner to go over a few things.  This factory has a few remnants of fabric leftover from a company that went out of business and they are selling it cheap to clear the space.  Ace and I have been through these rolls several times and have already grabbed anything worthwhile, but Spinner loves a bargain and even though Black Friday is long gone, she decided that with her expert eye, she could find some bargains that we overlooked.

During the meeting I could tell Spinner was in agony with the wait until she would be unleashed to climb through the rolls of fabric.  Finally, the meeting was over and off she went.  I did remind her that these remnants have been there for a few months and didn’t think she really needed to sprint, after all I’m sure OSHA does not approve of sprinting on the factory floor!

One of the guys there was very helpful with his scissors to cut us some swatches, but I think he figured that we’d only be a few minutes.  However, after 15 minutes with no end in sight for Spinner’s bargain hunting, he gave her the scissors and went back to work.  Now I was scared – Spinner was armed!   I was looking at a roll when Spinner spotted another roll above me and started cutting….”Hey, be careful with those scissors”, as I envisioned them piercing my skull, or at least losing a few inches of hair.

Spinner was really trying to convince me that we hit the jackpot.  She first showed me some stretch tie dye – “Hmm, I’m not feeling it”.  Then she was onto the stretch camouflage – Really?

But when I saw her eye the stretch silver lame, I knew we were in trouble.  Now, I don’t mind a little sparkle on a ruffle, collar, etc., but it needs to be tasteful – The shine on this had me diving for my sunglasses!

So I finally got her out of there and tried to explain that not everything cheap is a bargain, especially since one of my basement rooms has been transformed into the Smashing warehouse and I will have to look at these remnants daily.  We are meeting next week to review some ideas of our Fall line – but I’m keeping my fingers crossed that they will not look like any of these fashion don’ts!

Have a Smashing Weekend!

2010 Copyright Smashing LLC 2010 Copyright

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