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Company Holiday Party: Breeding Ground for Trouble

December 22, 2010

Every year at this time, companies around the world are having their office holiday party. We have all heard the stories where the office affair begins at this party or Stan, the guy from Helpdesk, gets way too drunk and doesn’t live down his karaoke debut on the bar table – when there was no karaoke machine. Well, last night Smashing had our first company Christmas party and I am happy to say that no incidences were reported to HR, which I guess would also be my department if we had an HR department.

Buzzkill, Spinner and I met for a late dinner at a great sushi restaurant. Upon arriving, we all presented each other with Christmas gifts. Fittingly enough, it was fun to see how each of our gifts accurately represented each of us. I seized the opportunity to give each of them the infamous vision board mentioned in our very first blog along with a copy of The Secret book. It was a bit tongue in cheek, but I really do want them to do the vision board!

We had great food, drink and a few good laughs.  Pushing 11 o’clock, the staff started to push us out and we closed the place down. After a few hours of sleep, we continued our “after party” this morning at Spinner’s house with another meeting, but with all of our kids in tow. With our 8 kids and a few invited playdates, the house was buzzing with Nerf guns, pizza carpet stains, tantrums and one injury. Despite the interruptions and distractions, we all were able to get some things accomplished: determining all of the new items that we need to accomplish….ahhhh… sigh….

Our first company holiday party didn’t have too much egg nog, awkward mistletoe moments or the never-ending gift stealing exchange, thank God. Just good company for our Smashing company. Have a very Merry Christmas!

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