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Out with the Old & In with the New!

December 30, 2010

It’s New Years Eve and time for resolutions – I’ve made my list and will share one with you, but first some background.

The holidays are a great time for catching up with friends and family that you might not see frequently enough.  I was thrilled to find out that many did follow our blog and had a lot a good wishes for Smashing’s success.

However, many I spoke with did ask me the same question, “Who is this Buzzkill character?”. Sheepishly, I suggested that it was indeed I – or at least an imaginary character based (very) loosely on me.  “Really?”,  they pondered, “She doesn’t sound anything like you?”.   Phew, what a relief – because I never thought she sounded like me either, but always good news to have this confirmed by people who know you well and have seen you in your least buzzkill of moments!

When it was mentioned in passing in a blog last January, I did cringe a bit – but then let it roll off as I’m a good sport and anything for a laugh, right?  Also, I honestly never thought it would be a regular character in the Monday morning blog.  But somehow this bit character’s contract was picked up for our little sitcom for the remainder of the year!

But, I’m thinking that Buzzkill will not renew for the 2011 season.

At the Smashing holiday office party, we got to talking about the book, or movie, or sitcom that this blog might be – because stranger things have happened, it could happen to us, right?  So while I think about the scripts, actors, etc., that would be involved in portraying the caricature of me – while a funny person, not sure it would be flattering.

Another thought crosses my mind…..As we’re making the rounds on the late night talk shows promoting ourselves – which I admit to being a fantasy of mine since the days of Johnny Carson – the one named Buzzkill doesn’t seem to be the smart one!

But the clincher is that my sons don’t like this portrayal of their mother – especially my youngest, who views the world very literally and does not understand satire.

When I was 14, I precociously changed the spelling of my name from “Janie” to “Jayne” because it didn’t look professional – so now that I’m at least 41 I’m going to change my character’s name from “Buzzkill” to what???

This is where we would like to ask for your input.  A prize for the best suggestion as a replacement for the Buzzkill moniker.  You can make your suggestion by either commenting on Smashing’s Facebook page or  leave a comment on this blog.

Have a Smashing New Year!!!


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    January 5, 2011 7:55 pm


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