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An Interview with a Dieting Criminal Mac Designer

January 8, 2011

This is about my fourth attempt at writing this blog this week. Talk about writer’s block, Mah-jor! Last night, fried after getting tutored on our new Mac, which I L-U-V, I sat down to write the blog and nothing. It was pushing my bedtime and the clock was ticking until the next feeding on demand by my baby, so I felt like the time fuse was burning on both ends and my empty brain was about to combust. Desperate, I emailed my partners for inspiration and informed them that all I had was crapola.

Spinner came to the rescue and gave the following suggestions. Not sure if any of them are long enough to blog about by themselves, but I thought I could turn this into a fictional interview.

Spinner: So, I hear that a client would like you to design a display window for them at their country club.

Ace: Yes, we are fortunate to have this club offer us their display window for the entire season. At our last Smashing meeting you and JD informed me of this great news and then exclaimed that my design services have been offered and I need to “get on it”. One problem, the club is closed and I have no idea what the window looks like. A crow bar was suggested to break in.

Spinner: How is your new year’s resolution going?

Ace: Great! Pain and deprivation are way underrated. The good news, I lost 5 pounds. The bad news, I don’t have enough energy to think about what to blog about. Really, since our clothes make you look skinny, should I even keep trying? I can just wear our stuff to everything, right?!

Spinner: I hear that you got a new Mac.

Ace: Yes, I finally feel like I have stepped into the 21st Century. I was tired of getting looks from JD like I had about as much technical savvy as her grandmother (no offense to any grandmothers out there).

I hope next week to have more exciting topics to report. Several upcoming events that are interesting for us like our photo shoot, trip to the PGA Show, and the start of factory production!

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