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Exhibiting at the PGA Show in Orlando!!!!

January 10, 2011

We have decided to make the jump and exhibit at the PGA Show.

I call to find out the details.

Me: “Yes, we would like to have a booth at the upcoming PGA Show.  Can you please give me the details?”

PGA Girl: “Sure.  Packages start at $5,000 and….”

$5,000?!?!?  JD denied my expense report of paper clips last week.  Pretty sure THIS isn’t going to fly.

Plan B

An editor at Golf Digest had called and suggested we show at the pre-show at AGM.  He did mention we would have to join, but it was very well attended.  I decided to check it out.

Me: “Hi we are interested in the pre-PGA show and would like information on exhibiting.”

AGM dude: “Sure.  Your inititation is $1,000 and your annual fees are $450 a year.”

What?!?!  Where is the $25 option?

Plan C

We will rent a suite at the hotel and invite press/buyers to a cocktail party.

I call the hotel.

Me: “Yes, we would like to rent a suite for 2 nights.”

Hotel: “All that is still available are single rooms with 2 beds.”

Hmmm.  I could put the clothes on a rolling rack in the bathroom and have the bartender use a bed as a bar?  Yeah, this just isn’t going to look right

Plan D

Rent a car and pop open the trunk

I’m sure you can’t wait to hear how this story ends.  Stay tuned, the PGA show is only a few weeks away.

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