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January 21, 2011

First things first – Go Bears!

As you may recall – we had our first fashion show last Fall and it was a great success and a lot of fun. We were unveiling Smashing to many of our friends and fans and it couldn’t have been any better. The cheers when the models walked down the runway in our clothes still resonates in my mind.

Another fashion show season is upon us and we’re very thankful to be included in several upcoming fashion shows, and especially thankful to everyone that helped us with introductions, recommendations, etc.

I’m also thankful for the fashion show season, as it’s a great moral builder.    There are many days when you spend hours sorting out a simple shipping problem (there’s got to be an easier way), or talking to credit card processors to find the most suitable for us or the seemingly unending research on stretchy thread – which reminds me that I need to order more today after writing this blog!  The fashion shows are one of the fun parts of this process.

I might need to reset my expectations of the luncheons, etc., after a recent conversation with Ace and Spinner.  I was asking about whether we were going to get a table at a couple upcoming fashion shows, which of course can be quite pricey, but sometimes girls just want to have fun!  I was informed that we were not allowed in the dining area during the show and needed to stay outside the main banquet room, but they would let us order a boxed lunch.

Obviously this arrangement saves us a lot of money, but I like to be where the action is.  So if you recognize someone serving you your chicken that has no obvious waitressing skills – please say “Hi!”  I apologize in advance for spilling wine on your dress.

Have a Smashing weekend.

PS  Go Bears!!!

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