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The PGA Show – The Miniseries

January 28, 2011

The Smashing "booth" at the PGA Show

Up before the crack of dawn driving to O’Hare I’m wondering if this short trip to the PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando will be worth the lack of sleep.  All I can say is that it was definitely worth it, if at least for material for this blog.  So get ready for the next several blogs that will comprise “The PGA Show – The Miniseries”.

Our main objective for this visit was reconnaissance for our participation next year, but also had a quick meeting “scheduled” with Golf Digest and several people we wanted to meet and to hand out some marketing postcards.  Plus the opportunity to see all what’s new and exciting in the golf industry in one stop cannot be underestimated.

But, it is extremely hard to know where to start, to say that the show was overwhelming is beyond an understatement.  At first we walked into a convention room on the wrong floor and thought – “Is this it?”, with only official PGA merchandise on display, thoughts of the Chicago Trim Show came flooding back.  Once we discovered we were not on the main convention floor and walked through the doors and were greeted by the Callaway “booth” that was bigger than my house – I wondered how we were ever going to afford a booth in the future.

Spinner was so confident that we were going to wow the Golf Digest fashion editor, that we lugged a heavy garment bag to the show – note to self to buy one with wheels today.  Upon landing, Spinner texted him to let him know that we arrived and to let us know where to meet him.  Love that Spinner – she’s so optimistic!  I had a bet her a cocktail in the departures lounge that our meeting was a longshot – a bet I was hoping to lose.

So while Ace was making contacts in the First Aid room (her story to tell), Kelly and I were instructed to methodically navigate the mile of booths, lugging that bloody garment bag waiting anxiously for Golf Digest to text us back.  There were a lot of booths we wanted to see to check price levels, new designs and innovations and to take home any catalogues, etc.  So we made sure our blue distributer show badges were not visible and Spinner started asking questions.  Of course the sales reps thought they had a live one and gave her the full sales schpeel – but then they wanted to know which club we were buying for and our business cards – I’ve never seen Spinner sprint so fast, leaving me to say that I’ve run out of business cards and slither away.

Hmmm….Golf Digest guy has not texted back yet.  Probably having a quick round of golf first.  Spinner sends another text with our current location.

Fortunately, we ran into someone who we met once and is the brother-in-law of a friend of Ace’s with a booth who offered to store the garment bag.  Thanks Johnny-O!  What a great guy – Sorry we missed your Margarita happy hour.  Can we have our booth next to yours next year?

Spinner has a new plan.  Let’s look for people with brown media badges and approach them with our marketing literature.  Great idea – Everyone loves being handed unsolicited pieces of paper, right? But we had printed a lot of these cards for this show, we would just pretend not to see the giant sign prohibiting distribution of marketing literature.  We found a couple people who would take them and even listen to the 60 second pitch, although I’m not holding my breath for a call back from the German golfing magazine, but who knows what might happen with Tennis magazine.  Of course, we don’t remember any of their names – next time, we’ll have to ask for their business card!

Hmmm….Bet the guy from Golf Digest stopped for a quick lunch after his round of golf.  Spinner sends him another text so he can easily find us.

Ace comes up with another great marketing idea involving a stack of $1 bills – but we will save that story for next week.  Fortunately, we did not require our bond card.

We were starting to get tired with the miles of walking, a little disappointed that Golf Digest guy hadn’t texted us back yet, sick from the worse lunch ever and wondering what to do next.  So we figure that we might as well get our belongings from Johnny O and regroup.

As we parked ourselves next to a booth, waiting to come up with our next idea, the Chalone Vineyards booth started opening bottles of wine for a tasting.  Of course, we’d love to sample their wines – thanks for asking Jorge.   I think we may have discovered our marketing niche – talk to those that come for the wine samples.  Because if they want us to get out of the way to reach their second glass of wine, they will have to listen to a brief Smashing overview.


Thanks for participating in our marketing experiment!


Hmmm….Should we text Golf Digest guy again?  Let’s not and Spinner suggests that these little plastic shot glass of wine will count as payment in full of her debt.  Besides – We finally have a booth!


Did we catch your name?


Stay tuned for more next week and thank you to Jorge and the wonderful people at Chalone Vineyards.


The 2011 Smashing PGA Show Booth – Notice Jorge with our Smashing banner!


Have a Smashing weekend!

2011 Copyright Smashing LLC 2011 Copyright

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  1. January 29, 2011 5:02 pm

    Congratulations on an important landmark! That Golf Digest guy will regret his err one day!

    • January 29, 2011 8:52 pm

      Thanks Carrie – Hopefully we’ll connect w/ Golf Digest another day!

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