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OMG — We did it! We really did it!!

February 21, 2011

So we had an idea about a year and a half ago.  We started blogging about it a little over a year ago.  And here we are 24 hours before our launch.

We did it.  We really did it.

I looked back over our past blogs — yes I read them all again –and in between my hysterical fits of laughter, I realized how far we’ve come.

We learned about the dress codes in the industry.  We thought a power suit and 3 inch heels was the appropriate attire for a factory meeting.  We learned that the “clickty clack” of our heels was really just a “dinner bell” for all the drug lords in the neighborhood.  We never ran so fast in our lives (Jan 2010 Blog: “3 Suburban Ladies go to bad neighborhood.  News at 11”)  But when we showed up in sweats to the pattern maker, we were even more out-of-place (Jan 2010 Blog: “Are Jimmy Choos in the Budget?”)

We learned being “stay at home” moms while starting this business is filled with challenges.  One would say “you need to wear many hats,” which is good because I don’t have time to wash my hair. (Jan 2010 Blog: “Hold on my son is puking.” and Feb 2010 Blog: “My Phone Office”, March 2010 Blog. “What are you doing today?”)

We learned that deciding on a logo was probably harder than ANYTHING else we did in this process.  We also learned, we may need a First Aid Kit, bodyguards and a grief counselor at all future font meetings. (March 2010 Blog: “Thin Skin? Need not apply”)

We learned appearances can be everything.  Whether it be in correspondence, typos on important memos or Disney characters on our checks.  (March 2010 Blog “The wonderful thing about Tiggers”, Feb 2010 Blog “Poo Free Polyester”, November 2010 Blog “Introducing Smashing’s New Corporate Offices” )

We learned that Ace is a pear. (May 2010 Blog: “In Your Face, said the woman with an hourglass figure”)

We learned that everything we learned last week, is probably no longer true — so just roll with the punches, (August 2010 Blog: “Badges? We don’t need no Stinkin Badges!”, October 2010 Blog: “WTH?”, October 2010 Blog: “Our Secret: New and Improved”)

But what we learned most of all, was that not only do we have a killer product that people love, but we all love doing it.  We’ve had a blast getting this biz off the ground and can’t wait to see how high we soar!

(Sept. 2010 Blog: Closing the Sale on a Cocktail Napkin and other mistakes from our first big Client meeting.”,  Jan 2011 Blogs: “The PGA Miniseries”, “Smashing’s Marketing Tool Box — A Flask, A Stack of Dollar Bills and the Fuzz”, “Am I going to get arrested for flashing?”)

2011 Copyright Smashing LLC 2011 Copyright

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