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What do really short skirts and math have in common?

March 9, 2011


This past week at Smashing was an intense one behind the scenes. Every morning I’d wake up with literally more grey hair. I have heard the saying, Turning Grey Overnight, but this is ridiculous. I’m sure there is a logical explanation, like getting older or some wacky hormonal changes after the baby, but the rate at which my hair is turning grey leads me to believe it has to do with something bigger.

This morning Spinner calls me and asks if I read her email this morning. It is only 8:15 am and I already have 23 emails from her. “Which one?”, I ask. The one about the team uniform, she says, which I hadn’t gotten to yet. For some background, we are the chosen team uniform provider for three clubs in our League this summer. There is a 75% white rule, meaning that your tennis clothing must be at least 75% white. We have taken our patterns and customized them for each team to include 75% white and their selected 25% color or pattern.

In a panic, she goes on to tell me she was contacted by one of the clubs who heard that someone might challenge the exact percentage on their uniform since they selected a black and white Houndstooth pattern. Now, I am fully aware there are much bigger problems in our world than this, but this morning I go into problem control mode. “math doesn’t lie. MATH DOESN’T LIE!”, I scream into the phone. The skirt is 50% white (white and black houndstooth) and the top is 100% white = 75% white uniform. Spinner says we need a math teacher to do a presentation, who do we know? I chime in desperately, “my dad is a nuclear physicist and was just asked to entertain teaching at MIT, will that do?”.

We concur that we just need to simply meet with the powers that be and simply demonstrate the math. I instantly imagine myself stepping before the Grand Tennis Council which is a room filled with clouds and members sitting high on thrones in robes holding staffs, or maybe tennis rackets. I then proceed to demonstrate the math with my dry-erase board and abacus. The council members, stand up applauding and apologizing for an confusion….and then place a really big order…that is how I see it going down.

Don’t worry, or gain an greys over it, we worked it out and peace will once again return to the tennis courts.

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