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An Accessory to a Fashion Crime

March 30, 2011
As some of you may know, Smashing was inspired out of the lack of suitable apparel in the pro shop….so we decided to create our own. Lately, I’ve been feeling that way about my sporting accessories. Whether it is my shoes, tennis bag, visors, warm up jackets, sunglasses, you get the point.
In several meetings, I have joked that instead of creating a pocket on our apparel for golf, we should keep the silhouette as streamlined as possible and just offer a fanny pack for those that really need that darn little pocket. Spinner and JD just look at me with blank stares. Well, now I have proof! Gucci, Louis Vuitton and Burberry are all sportin’ the killer pack. Regardless of the image that may pop into your head of some mom at the amusement park wearing a fanny pack possibly with a handheld misting fan and glow necklaces, you can’t deny their convenience. Admit it, you have been in a situation or two where you surprised yourself that the perfect accessory for your day out would be The Fanny Pack.
When I first starting playing tennis again after a 20 year hiatus, I purchased a pair of tennis shoes I found at an outlet mall….just until I determined if this sport was going to stick.  They were simple, nothing fancy, but the largest brand in sports apparel. I was so deflated when another player said, “oh, how funny, I haven’t seen retro shoes like that, kinda a throw back”. I politely laughed along side of her, but I’m not called Ace for no reason and you can bet she felt it on the next serve made from my funny little retro shoes.
I have a new tennis bag which is really cute, but it is ergonomically designed to slip off my shoulder. It is so FRUSTURATING! My husband calls me a bag lady as it is, now I am a schlepy bag lady. Imagine me walking into the club, pushing a stroller with a diaper bag, possible a purse, one or two additional kids and a tennis bag that is flopping off my back side. This combined with winter slush puts me over the edge. I plan on switching back to my old one where the strap can unzip into two creating a back pack. It makes me feel like a ninja with a sword on his back. In case any sneaky balls come my way before I step on the court, I can instantly reach behind my head drawing my racket to fend off the little buggers.
I am sure as Smashing evolves, we will branch out to include other accessories to help you be as Smashing as possible.

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