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Sealed With A Kiss

April 6, 2011

Last week, I was delivering an order to one of the country clubs in the area. My partner had asked me to sub for a tennis match she had in the morning. Since my tennis court time seems to always be dwindling for various Smashing responsibilities that come up (ironic, I know), I jumped or rather scissor kicked at the chance to get in some more tennis.

Spinner was originally going to make the delivery, but had a sales appointment come up with another country club and asked if I could make the delivery. After three cancellations of tennis in the previous 10 days for Smashing, I really didn’t want to give this one up. After all, Smashing was born out of the love of the game. I said I could, but it would have to be after my match and I would be making the delivery in my tennis clothes – specifically the Provence Blue Bridget Dress. Normally, it isn’t professional to show up in your workout clothes, but considering it was the product we are selling I figured it was ok.

Being the poster child for professionalism, I’d have to make the delivery with my two youngest children with me. Doesn’t quite make sense to pay for a sitter. I pulled up to the security gate and told the guard I was there to make a delivery to the Pro Shop and he let me in. By this time, both girls were sleeping. The thought of carrying the box of clothes and two sleeping babies in my tennis dress didn’t really make me feel like it would send the most professional image of Smashing. I looked in the mirror and decided I needed to freshen up my look and applied a pink lip gloss and combed my hair.

I decided to pull right up to the front door and park my car with the hazards on. The woman at the front desk was kind enough to offer to watch the car with the girls inside sleeping while I carried the box to the Pro Shop. Relieved, I returned to the trunk to get the inventory. I lifted the box with both hands while the invoice lay on top. The winds suddenly pick up and the invoice flies in the air spinning around in a vortex and landing on my face sticking to my very wet lip gloss applied minutes earlier.

With the invoice still plastered to my face, I set the box down and peel the paper off my lips. Great, now the invoice is marked with a great big smooch impression of my lips which are naturally big anyway! Could this delivery get any less professional?! Now, I almost thought to spritz the invoice with some perfume and write in pencil, “Would you like to re-order?”  with a box for Yes and another box for No. They could check the correct box and I could pick it up after seventh period. Perhaps it could be our new trademark for each delivery Sealed With A Kiss!

If you haven’t heard, we will be hosting a trunk show this Friday at the South Barrington Club from 9:30 – 2pm. Stop by, we would love to see you!


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