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Pretty in Pictures

April 21, 2011

First, let me say sorry for the late blog. In case you haven’t seen a pattern, the three of us each take one day a week to blog. I have Wednesdays and yesterday I just simply forgot. At dinner last night with great friends, one of them asked if we get paid to blog. After I had wine come out of my nose with laughter, she told me that she has heard of advertisers paying bloggers to advertise on their blog if they have enough traffic. So, I beg of you, share our blog with as many people as you know. In case this Smashing thing doesn’t work out, we need to come up with a Plan B for income.

We have been  so busy at Smashing lately. We are selling the current line, starting to sell for Fall, getting ready to go into production with the Fall 11 line, designing Spring 12 and Fall 12 at the same time. Trying to tweak our website and had an extra photo shoot to get shots of stuff that hadn’t been photographed yet. We have about 16 events we are attending in the next month to sell our clothing. There aren’t enough hours in the day!

I ran into a friend the other day and apologized that I hadn’t been able to volunteer to help with a fundraiser. I explained that my plans to help on a certain day were foiled when a sales event opportunity at a country club presented itself at the same time. I told her I was having a hard time finding time to help with the fundraiser because of work and the baby (and 2 others). She asked if I worked in addition to Smashing with a curious look (because this cute little clothing hobby couldn’t be considered a real job could it? LOL). Again, Diet Coke came out of my nose. After wiping the very nice lady’s coat with a napkin, I said “no, just Smashing”.

Enjoy some shots I took last week of one of our customers, Frances. She was so terrific at this photo shoot, a real pro. Can you believe she said she never modeled? I don’t believe it, what a natural!

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