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Sleeping on the Beach

May 2, 2011

Our first big sales trip. This is a very exciting time for us here at Smashing. Our first trip paid for by the company!

Now friends have asked if I’m staying at the Ritz Carleton in Naples.

At this I laugh and tell them “no I found a more affordable place.”

Well SFG’s head spun around faster than the exorcist kid and said, ” You booked a hotel?!?”

I reply, “Where do you want me to sleep? In the rental car?”

Her voice booms, “YOU GOT A CAR?!?”

Geez, budgets are tight around here

Well SFG need not worry, because as I look at the SUV with wings I’m about to board, I’m not sure I’ll be making it. It doesn’t help that no one on this flight is under 300 lbs and the guy sitting in front of me just wolfed down 3 Big Macs (have you seen the size of the plane? Dude, for the love of God STOP EATING!!!)

It doesn’t help there is no diet tonic on this plane; ironically plenty of regular tonic.

My kids were so upset they couldn’t accompany me on this trip as they are convinced I’m going to a resort with water slides. I assured them I wasn’t ” going down any slides.”. Let’s hope we don’t test out the airplane one ( if it even has one!)

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