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My Partner is a Dummy

May 5, 2011

What a Dummy!

I have been working on taking new photographs of our clothing to improve our shopping cart on our website. Although this sounds like an easy task, it takes hours and apparently a lot of sweat and muscle. Since our mannequin (from this point forward shall be referred to as Dummy) is  a small size, I requested that Spinner give me an XS in all of our inventory to be photographed.

Well, I could tell as soon as Dummy arrived on set that she was in one of her moods, a real diva. Setting up for the first shot, one of the wooden feet fell off. After an unsuccessful hunt for wood glue, I resorted to white duct tape – you weren’t going to see the feet anyway. Seriously, what can duct tape not solve?!

I had about  20 different articles of clothing that I had to change on Dummy. That was a workout alone – I’d say the level was somewhere between changing a newborn and helping your drunken roomie in college find her way to bed.

The skirts in particular were quite difficult since it was a pulling up motion and gravity wasn’t working with me. I was wrestling with Dummy like I was in the WWF. It was the Smashing Smackdown and just when she was starting to win, I tagged in my cousin who was over and she delivered a blow by jumping off the ropes and telling that Dummy who was boss. It seriously took the two of us to get that skirt on Dummy. We were literally almost Kissing Cousins when we both went to place our chins on Dummy’s shoulder to hold her down while we pulled the skirt up!

Needless to say, I got all of the shots and am working on having them ready for the shopping cart soon.

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  1. spinner permalink
    May 5, 2011 12:44 pm

    omg our first Smashing Smackdown! Hilarious

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