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May 6, 2011

I apologize in advance – this is not going to be a Pulitzer winning blog today, it’s been a long week. Spinner spends part of this week in the sun of Naples, I spent the afternoon talking to freight shippers discussing how to calculate Freight Density – something is wrong with this picture!

We have 900lbs of fabric for our fall line in LA that we need to get to our factory in Chicago – one would think when you order fabric that the mill would figure this all out for you.  But then again, they’re used to dealing with large companies that have their own logistic departments, that understand their own freight lingo – not one overworked person sitting in their home office.  So after hosting a PTO brunch today, I set out how to get this fabric here fast, but cheap.

The usual shipping suspects – which have already caused me to have more grey hairs –  cost anywhere between $600 – $2000, depending on the freight density!  Guess I shouldn’t just guess what this means, so what does it mean?  There’s a formula on a shippers website that is giving me a headache – seriously, it shouldn’t be this complicated I say to myself, wondering if there’s still leftover mimosas in the kitchen!

Aha, there is enough bubbly & OJ left to make one last mimosa – I’m sure that will help me with the computation.  Now this might be boring to most – and I have probably lost most of our usual readers –  but I found it interesting that it costs more to ship styrofoam than bricks due to freight density (or was it the bubbly making me giddy?).

Fortunately, I found a shipper that will get our fall fabrics to us next week and will not cost me an arm & leg – so a small victory on a Friday afternoon.  But next time, I’m going to Naples and Spinner is going to be talking to freight company – I have a migrane!

Have a Smashing weekend!

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Photo courtesy of Matt Banks


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