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Smashing Summertime HQ

May 12, 2011

Summer has finally arrived in Chicago, although I still cannot get used to the fact that it can go from winter to summer in a matter of days!  Not sure we’ll be able to call them the Lazy Days of Summer, based upon the weekly partners meeting this week.

While we were busy discussing our sales strategy for Fall, Spinner and Ace’s children decide to have their own meeting in Spinner’s family room, aka Smashing HQ.  Their meeting concluded with the opening of a large bag of chips, throwing it on the rug and then performing an Irish jig on them until they were microscopic.  Now this causes much excitement by Spinner and Ace, with various time-outs to follow.  I, on the other hand, just grin and continue to read my email – thankful that I don’t have to cleanup the chips!

Somehow we made it through the meeting and made some important decisions – although I’m not sure they will remember the details, so I feel I can do the switcheroo on some of them to my advantage!   However, now that we’re closing in on the end of the school year – I’m proposing that we move Smashing HQ to summer evenings on my porch with a glass of Sauvignon blanc.  I swear that all business meetings should be conducted on a porch – you just cannot get that worked up when you’re sitting enjoying a summer’s evening, with your feet up with a glass of wine.  I think it’s the cure for high blood pressure and just about anything else that ails you.  So if you’re looking for me this summer, this is where I’ll be.  Cheers!

Have a Smashing Weekend

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  1. Ace permalink
    May 19, 2011 1:31 pm

    This sounds perfect for this summer!! Let’s not invite the mosquitos though!

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