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Getting Naked in the Boardroom

May 18, 2011

Ok, so it was my family room, not the Boardroom, but there was some skin showing…

Last night, Spinner and JD came over to my house for what ended up being an almost all nighter. We had our usual agenda to plow through each armed with our drink of choice; Amstel Light, Diet Coke and some new metabolic beet energy tea that I am cautiously trying. After putting my 3-year old down to bed for the fourth time, we finally were on a roll:

Finances: Spend less money, Make more money  – Got It

Production: Begin Fall 2012 – Check

Sales: Get More – You Betcha

Design: Make a new Golf Skirt with 64 pockets 

This was the last agenda item and it involves a lot of fabric samples, measuring tape, markers and NO MODESTY. We had all agreed pretty much on the new style, but we needed to tweak it which involves each of us with different body types (which represent our customer pool) to try on a skirt. We try to design the skirt with details that will be most flattering on all body types.

Spinner at first goes to the bathroom to privately try on the sample. After several more try-ons we ended up in the middle of my family room swapping samples, making notes, adjusting and standing in our underwear between skirt try-ons discussing the design. At one point, I get out a marker and actually draw on my skin where the hem or waist for each skirt was hitting for comparison. You have all heard of the urban legend of the sorority sisters hazing pledges by circling fat – it was kinda of like that, but thank goodness we have compression in this sorority: Η Π Υ – Eta Pi Oopsilon.

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  1. Spinner permalink
    May 18, 2011 3:54 pm

    how about a skirt made of nothing but pockets?!?! after my interview on the course, I’m pretty sure they will use all of them!!

  2. Ace permalink
    May 19, 2011 1:34 pm

    Yes, I am picturing a row after row of pockets on the skirt!

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