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Momprenuer Makeover Contest

May 18, 2011

I’ve entered a contest for a makeover – so please vote for me!  Now many of you might think that I’ll win one of those What Not To Wear type overhauls and to be transformed.  Nope.

At Smashing, we’re looking for some creative ways to maximise our budget.  We’ve  used every Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc., coupon for free advertising.  We’ve added some Google AdSense to the bottom of our home page – so please click away!

So what’s my makeover prize that I’m hoping to win?  Yes, that right – a free website makeover! We’re open to any constructive advice, so I entered my story to a tech firm and shared with them my Super Mompreneur story, in 100 words or less. Here’s the link:  Momprenuer – so please click the “like” button!

Now, I realize that their contest is a blatant promotional scheme by the firm to get people to visit their site, and that my chances to win are slim.  But we’ll unashamedly take advantage of any scheme that get’s us more promotion and links for free, and will leverage our Facebook and blog fans to increase our odds!

So please vote, and if you got a coupon for free advertising – send it to Spinner.  I think Ace is lying low, after receiving notification that DildoDan wants to follow her on Twitter today, probably liked her last blog!

Have a Smashing weekend.

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