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Words from the Gipper!

May 27, 2011

Image: Maggie Smith

I love our indoor tennis team – they are a great bunch of gals and know how to have some fun.  Unfortunately, all of that fun didn’t turn into a winning season.  We had high hopes in September, Spinner and I even won our first match. It was all down hill from there!

You may recall the blog of Spinner and I being schooled by the grannies the very next week, or another partner and I being humiliated by Betty White,  etc., this theme stayed with us most of the season.  Oh, we were in the fight most matches – most of the conversations afterwards we were all talking about the number of deuces that we just couldn’t win. (It’s the winter, not as many excuses – since I’m now practicing outside, dusting off the many wind excuses – I love playing outdoors!)

Last week was our tennis club end of season play day and awards lunch.  Now we knew that being the last place team, we would unlikely be bringing home trophies for the mantel – although, maybe they have a Ms Congeniality category?!?

But it was a beautiful sunny day of play, accompanied with much laughter and a lovely lunch afterwards.  Sitting near the back of the room, we applauded the other teams that did win trophies at our club. And then a few closing words of encouragement from the tennis team coordinator.

“Ahem – I hope you enjoyed your tennis today, because if your team has not won 30% of your matches this year, your team is out!  Nothing I can do about it either, league rules.”   The looks of shock and disbelief – did she really say this?  And if indeed league rules, why now?  Certainly an email or private conversation would be better, right?

Now I’m not sure what her next sentence was, because I was busy on my phone looking on the league website for our team stats,  In your face league, we won 30.8% of our matches!  We’ve never been so happy with decimals in our life, and whoever won that .8% of a game – we owe them big time!  Of course our celebrating was short-lived, when she added that anyone on the team with a record of 30% or less would be relegated to a lower level, or they might want to consider doing something else next fall.

More deflation and disbelief – this was supposed to be a happy, motivational lunch. So now we’re all looking at our personal scores – somehow everyone is less than 30% – we need to find and thank that person that was holding our team up all season enough to get that .8%, must have been a sub!  Although, we’re not sure it will make a difference now – since we’re all going to be forced into retirement in the Fall!

She goes on to promise big changes in the fall, but there’s nothing she can do about it – league rules have tied their hands.  So who knows what will happen, but I know that I will be sending her a copy of Spinner’s new book on motivational speeches – Don’t Forget to Leave Room for Vodka,  appearing on soon.

Have a Smashing weekend!

PS  Ladies – Thanks for the season, I seriously had fun with you all.  So many funny incidents and tricks of the trade learned – I will never tie my shoes fast again!

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Image: Maggie Smith /

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  1. Spinner permalink
    May 27, 2011 6:57 am

    LMAO. I’m sure the newly formed E, F and G teams will appreciate the book!

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