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Opening Day and I’ll Be Naked

May 30, 2011

Wednesday is opening day for our summer tennis league.  It is a very exciting day for many reasons.  First SFG and I are looking forward to winning against SBC again (at least in the trash talking segment).  Secondly, we look forward to beating SBC again (wait, did I already say that?).  And most importantly, because we have outfitted 3 teams in the league with Smashing wear, I can’t wait to see everyone on the courts.  Of course SFG and I won’t be in the team uniforms.

Why you ask, won’t 2 of the owners be in their own attire?  Because I sold em.   A lot of last-minute orders came in and you know a good sales person never turns down a sale.  So before SFG could even get her outfit out of the bag, I snatched it up with lightening speed and delivered it to another player.  It was harder to part with my adorable dress.  I did try to convince the customer she would be fine in the small and didn’t really need my medium.  I even squeezed her in.  But her boobs went from a B to a Double D and were pretty much in her throat.  While it was a look that would have rocked in the club scene, not so much in the country club scene.  So I reluctantly gave up my dress.

And now we are sold out of our sizes.  Sigh…

I find in more than slightly ironic that this company was born because we didn’t have anything to wear. And yet, many investment checks later, I can say, I still have nothing to wear!!!


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  1. May 30, 2011 8:14 pm

    We’ll look Smashing next season!!!

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