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June 16, 2011

MargaritasFor those of us in Chicago, it’s been a very chilly and rainy start to summer. The plus is that I’m getting through some of my 10′ tall Smashing inbox, due to the rain. So when Monday came along and it was the first dry, beautifully sunny day – I was bummed that I had scheduled a factory visit for the morning.

As I’m driving during rush hour traffic towards the city, my mood is getting gloomier and gloomier as I’m spotting many cars driving with their tops down full of people with the beach on their mind.  Our manufacturing facilities is not anywhere near the beach!  Maybe a little Jimmy Buffet would help my mood, as I switch to the Margaritaville station!

I pull my car up to the loading dock, surrounded my semi-trailers that are blocking my sun!  The factory’s biggest orders are for producing military dress uniforms, so I’m usually surrounded by 1000’s of black military officer jackets and such whenever I stop in there.  I open the door, expecting to see a sea of black, when for some reason I see 1000 Hawaiian shirts!  Is the military going to the beach too!

I must say this did give me a little giggle, as Nickola and the rest of the cutters eyed me with suspicion. (Kola is the only cutter I know by name,  and their station is by the front door – so I usually ask him to carry my stuff!  So I cannot blame him if he was trying to hide!)

Let’s hope that we all get to the beach soon.  Have a Smashing weekend.

PS  We’ve marked down our Spring stock to make room for Fall – check it out at

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