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We are Going to Be In Pictures

June 19, 2011

And I’m not talking about those pictures at the post office either.

We are developing our video for Kickstarter.  For those of you unfamiliar with the sales tactic of “begging for money,” let me tell you about Kickstarter.   This is a website where you post a 2-3 min video explaining your brand and why you need money (ie, to participate in Fashion Week, to launch nationally, etc).  You set a goal budget and people can donate money to help your cause.  If you reach your goal, you get the money (after a small fee of course), if you don’t reach the goal, you get nada, nothing, nil.

If there is one thing you learn when you become an entrepreneur, you are never above begging.

The sales & marketing dept has written some amazing, heart stopping scripts.  Most require pyrotechnic special effects, stop motion (animation) and a few celebrity cameos.  All of these have come back from the legal department with stamps that say “no blowing things up”, “too expensive” and “Charlie Sheen is booked.” (bunch of party poopers, that legal department)

Back to the drawing board.  As we are busily rewritting what is sure to be another heart stopping script for the legal department, I’m reminded of an old advertising acronym KISS — Keep It Simple Stupid.  (Stupid wasn’t a bad word back in the ol’ days)  So we may try our hand at a low budget flick — which means Charlie is most likely back in the picture.

And seeing as we have truly embraced this new selling technique of begging, if anyone has any talents, advice or tons of money — feel free to direct them our way.

Cameras are scheduled to roll in 2 weeks from Hole 10.  See you there (if you can find it!)

2011 Copyright Smashing LLC 2011 Copyright

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