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The Agony of defeat = Sales opportunity!

June 24, 2011

All three of us had a USTA match last night, of course all wearing our Smashing gear, Spinner and Ace even matching in their pink Bridgets, while I was in our houndstooth Trudy skort.  Well, we were 1-2 for the night.  I’ll let Spinner share her own story from her court, but all I can say was that it was loud and very distracting and we were wondering if it was going to turn into a cat-fight!

Ace and her partner won – Boring!

My court….well all I can say is that we should have won, but am blaming the USTA for some very goofy rules.  We won the first set 6-3, and were winning the second set 5-4 when the 15-minute warning was issued.  One would think that you’d play the last game and see what happens, and we were at that moment currently playing strong and probably would have won, especially since our service was next.

No, that would make too much sense, and in order to save time you need to play a set tie-breaker and then we’re back to 0-0 and the winner will be the first 7 by 2.  Well, we lost this Isneresque tie-breaker that was supposed to be a time saver – the score something like 200-202 and 45 minutes later! Phew, at least we’re done, my partner says, guess it’s a tie – time for that drink!  I hated to tell her that we cannot tie and now need a match tiebreaker!  WTF,  I’m thirsty as we watch the staff turning off the lights.  With all of the teams watching us battle to the end with the first to 10 match tie-breaker and at us up 7-1, even though we can no longer move, we’re feeling confident.  Then I hear the opponent say to her partner, “Just play conservatively and let them fall apart!”  They then went on to win the next 9 points – we thought we were going to cry, oh the agony!   Dear USTA – Tie-breakers are not saving anyone any time, as we finished our match at 10pm, well past my bedtime!

Afterwards, we drag our carcasses out to the lobby and Spinner was in full sales mode.  Oh, and here’s our houndstooth Trudy skort coming now, let me show you the features.  As I come over there and let them examine my very sweaty self, as Spinner pointing out – “look how it helps hold in her mid-section”.  Just what I need after that loss, a group of ladies inspecting my sweating mid-section!

Ace just happened to have our new, Fall golf short with her – but only in my size and they begged me to model it for the ladies.  Seriously, if I put this on my toxic body now – I’m going to own it, right?  So out I come to more inspection of my mid-section – my problem area.  (I was on the fence with that tummy-tuck, thinking I’m calling the surgeon on Monday!  lol)

Fortunately, I got some payback.  Someone had asked Spinner a question about our skort, and she picked up the nearest one to her to explain.  But then she wondered who spilled water on our skort sample.  I could only laugh as I point out that it wasn’t water-soaked skirt she was holding, but rather my 3 hours of sweat!  She was not amused!

Have a Smashing weekend

PS  I know the picture has nothing to do with my blog, just cannot post a picture of my sweaty, demoralized self this morning!  Maybe I’ll blog about that picture next Friday – stay tuned!

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  1. Tenniswall permalink
    June 24, 2011 10:38 am

    I wonder if the 79 year old lady’s skirt was as sweaty as yours. Lil

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