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Starting a business is not a vacation!

July 7, 2011

Phew - We're done!

Warning – This blog is a vent and the author is in a cranky mood!

Starting a business and being an entrepreneur is hard work, harder than I could have imagined.  Now that the kids are on break, waking up at 5:30 to get a few hours of paperwork finished before the kids wake is my usual morning and bookended with several hours in the evening, and many nights with a laptop in my bed until after Craig Ferguson has said goodnight.  Plus there’s the daylight hours of work with Spinner & Ace, constant emails, phone calls, etc – that’s a lot of hours a day. A couple of months ago, I was curious and tracked the work week as if we punched a time clock, and it was averaging about 60-80 hours of week, which does not include all of the thinking I do in the shower – I get all of my best ideas in there!

So why do I bring this up?  I’m fortunate to love what we’re doing and there is a great deal of flexibility of being self-employed, not to mentioned being able to work in your PJ’s.  But this week – two separate people implied that I did not work.

Over the weekend I was relaxing, along with many celebrating the holiday with a cocktail.  A comment by someone in the group agonizing the return to work on Tuesday included the statement, “….you’re so lucky that you don’t have to worry about Tuesday!”  I looked around to see who they were referring to and was shocked that she was looking at me! “WTF”,  I wanted to scream, but instead I chanted a “serenity now” to myself and smiled.

Thankfully, the next day I met a friend who was in Chicago for the weekend and felt invigorated as we each caught up on each other’s ventures.  (A shout out to Jamie Broderick and her Network Now – a phenomenal business support group for women entrepreneurs and nonprofit leaders on the east coast  – so fun to catch-up and love your ideas!)

So all was good, until this morning….Again up at 5:30 to start the day with a couple of hours of work. On the to do list today is reconciling the bank statement, spending a frustrating 45 minutes looking for the $0.98 discrepancy and then preparing and submitting our quarterly federal and state tax returns. Then I wake the boys to get them ready for the day and while I’m taxiing one of them to their class, I return a few phone calls – which inevitably add to my to do list.  But one personal call repeated the theme from the weekend!  So I smile (not sure why, since I’m not on a video call!) and say good-bye!

As I write this blog now, the clock is telling me that it is 11:45 and I’ve calculated that I have already put in 5 hours of work, but now need to dash – as the mom taxi has just been called.  I’m fortunate that I have something else planned for the afternoon, but know I will be back at my desk later this evening to finish out the second half of my 10 hour shift for the day.

So a word to the wise – If you know a women that is starting their own business – give them some credit and encouragement, it will help counteract the others that do not.

Have a Smashing weekend!

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