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Headed for Vegas, Baby!

July 13, 2011


It’s official! Smashing is going to Vegas in August for the PGA Show. We are thrilled to be exhibiting for the first time with the PGA. You may recall that we traveled down to Orlando in January for a very covert reconnaissance mission to scope out exactly what the Show was all about. We just can’t wait until January and besides, what sounds better than Vegas in August?

The other night, we had our weekly meeting at a local wine bar and once again shut it down. After nearly four hours, we noticed we were the only people left in the bar except for the poor folks staring at us from across the room looking like they really wanted to go home. Sorry! I promise next time we will be more aware of the time. At this meeting, we made our final decision to pull the trigger on the PGA Show. One of our very own Smashing models may be joining us for some fun in the evenings as well, anyone else? I was surprised to hear that this will actually be Spinner’s first time in Vegas. Lets hope she brings some beginners luck for the tables as well as the Show.

On the way home, I had Dummy along for the ride. I needed to do some photography of our new fabulous Fall samples on our beloved mannequin (not) and took my husband’s car instead of my Mommy Mobile. I think I gave three people heart attacks driving past me on Northwest Highway. I guess seeing a headless, but breasted (is that a word?), female torso in the passenger seat may cause an accident. However, I was more concerned that my neighbors may be calling the police when I got home. I could just imagine what they must have thought if they were to look out their windows. Not only was I carrying a female body form from the car, but the lugging and struggling with a 100 pound bolt of fabric which could only resemble a body bag like in the movies at 11:30 at night would look extremely suspicious to anyone.

No worries, nothing illegal going on, just another Smashing Smackdown with Dummy – this time she didn’t win.

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