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Smashing’s Dirty Laundry

July 24, 2011

Riding high off of our endorsement by Shape Magazine this month (workout wear that cinches an inch, p 100), I was more than happy to pick up a few of SFG’s tasks as she was off on a much deserved 2 week vaca with the family.

One of the tasks was to get a new elastic and some zippers to the factory ASAP so they could begin working on our new golf skort (it has been a hot preorder — so we want these in fast)  Easy task right?

Friday I go to open our mailbox to see if the much-anticipated elastic or zippers have arrived.   But instead of elastic or zippers, there is a package from our factory.  Hmmm, the factory rarely answers the phone, so the fact they actually took the time to mail us something could not be a good sign.

I open it up to find a sample skort that the factory needs in order to begin the order they are supposed to be working on (PANIC PANIC).  As I am reaching for an inhaler, I notice there is a note.  I sure hope they aren’t breaking up with us via UPS (that is just slightly lower on the scale than breaking up via texting)

Dear SFG,

If possible, please wash the garment before giving to us as a “to go by sample.”  It is very hard for us to provide our sewers with not exactly “fresh” clothes to work with.

Thank you.

The Factory 

I am now in a fit of laughter.  Seriously the FACTORY thinks our samples are too dirty?  Are we now going to be known as the Smelly Pants company?

Of course, not missing a beat, I pounce all over this.

I text SFG to tell her her Smelly Skort got returned.

“Why?” she texts

“There is a stain” I write back

I can tell SFG is concerned about what kind of stain is on the skort (we have not had the best of luck with stains in the past –see blog “She Pooped in Her Pants” for more details), as it takes her a long time to text back.  “What kind of stain?”

I write back, “It’s brown.”

She says, “Oh, probably just some chocolate.”

It did resemble a Baby Ruth. As in “there is a baby ruth in the pool.”

I decide to not stress her out on her vaca and just stopped texting.  I did however on future emails mention, I would get to “said task, after washing SFG’s dirty skort.”  At which she was quicker than “an accountant on an overage,” to point out it was not her skirt and had been passed around to multiple people before sent to the factory.

I know all this, but much more fun to just say it is her skort — don’t you think?

So while many are enjoying this beautiful weekend, I will be spending it with Tide and the Smelly Skort.

2011 Copyright Smashing LLC 2011 Copyright


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