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APB out for Spinner

July 28, 2011

I’m writing this blog from the beach on Cape Cod – toes in the sand, glass of wine in my hand and waiting for the sunset – a wonderful way to work. I think I’ll be operating our east coast office out here every summer.

I was originally going to blog about the great time my Smashing skirts have been having, especially with all of the compliments they’ve been receiving. Our skirts are not just for golf or tennis; they’re great for biking, boating, morning walks on the beach, watching sunsets, etc. I hope the ladies I’ve told out here do turn into customers – although I’m not counting on the lady I trapped in the bathroom with my schpeel and making her promise to memorize the website, as my biz cards were at the table. I think that’s the last time she will compliment anyone on what they’re wearing!

But this morning I get a frantic text, email and phone call from Spinner. Seems she’s causing a ruckus at our bank demanding cash from our account, ideally in small denominations. Ace and her were having a sale this morning at a tennis event, and she thought some petty cash for change would be a good idea. What she didn’t know is that I usually just bring my own change, since 99% of our sales are either card or check, so we usually don’t need much.

She’s frantically calling, “Why won’t they give me any money?”, worried that I cleaned out the accounts and never going home – ‘tho conceeding that I’d probably only get as far as Joliet. After I assure her the money is there and her name is on the account, but as we’ve haven’t yet had time to go into the branch and actually sign the signature card together, they’re not going to give her cash. I suggest she rummage around her coin jar and bring what she has, I’m sure it will be enough.

But I’m curious to see the security footage, because Spinner can be quite persistent – which is a great thing for sales, not such a great thing when you’re demanding small bills from the teller.

Ironically, I was recently telling her that I know the chief security officer of our bank and that she’s a take no prisoners kind of person. So I wait by my phone for bank security folks to call, and I’m sure Spinner is at home with her curtains drawn awaiting the Feds!

Have a Smashing weekend.

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  1. Spinner permalink
    July 28, 2011 7:27 pm

    As Murphy’s Law would have it, we of course needed petty cash today as people did pay in cash! I’m sure our customers were so “wowed” by our amazing designs they didn’t even notice that the pennies we were giving them back were scrapped from the bottom of our purses and were covered in old chewing gum


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