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Win A Free Ticket to Vegas!

August 1, 2011

Well the ticket is via a brown box.  But we will punch air holes — we promise.

We are offering this promotion because it seems our shipping materials are not “making weight.”  We need to add some weight to our boxes so they can be shipped to the PGA show in Vegas.  We are about 200 lbs short.  So the promotion is only open to people who weigh between 175 and 200 (unless we pick 2 winners at 100 lb each).

Here is how this brilliant promotion came to be…..

I’m packing up all of our things and am totally baffled by the 50 pages of shipping instructions that the PGA Expo has sent (am I building a rocket ship or shipping some boxes?).  So I decide to call Sin City and have them walk me thru it.

I am able to get a representative on the phone and I explain I have some boxes to ship to the show.

“How many crates? And are they on slats?” she asks

Hmm, how do I break the news that they are 2 medium brown boxes?

“No no” I say with a nervous laugh, “You see, we are a new company, we only have 2 medium-sized boxes to ship”

Dead silence.

“Hello?!  Are you still there?” I ask

“Yes, it’s just we have to charge you for a minimum of 300 lbs.  Do your boxes weigh 300 lbs?”

Not even close

“Is there anything else you want to put in them to make it 300 lbs?” she asks

“Like a small person?” I say sarcastically

Apparently that was not funny as she then said, “Please hold while I transfer your call.”

So here we are looking for things to “stuff in the box”.  I contemplated putting Ace in and canceling her airfare.  It could be kind of cool for her to “pop out of the box” at the show — a salesman in a box sort of thing.  When I posed the idea to her via the phone, I was met with another 3 minutes of dead silence.

Geez, no one gets my humor.

So that leads me to our Smashing contest of winning a free ticket to Vegas.  And then YOU can pop out of the box.  And really, who doesn’t want to pop out of a box?

You may want to hurry and enter — odds are once the legal department reads this, we may have to fold.

2011 Copyright Smashing LLC 2011 Copyright

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