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Revenge is Mine!

August 12, 2011

Warehouse staff packing for Vegas

While Ace & Spinner are sipping Margarita’s on the beach, I’m here holding down the fort. Been making a few executive decisions while they’re not paying attention, hopefully they won’t notice!

Of course, doesn’t the quantity of web orders spike while I’m covering for Spinner.  So I’m spending a lot of time at her house, where the finished goods inventory is located.  I feel like Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible entering her house, hoping not to trigger her unnecessarily complicated house alarm.  The excitement of successful entry immediately creates the urge to use the facilities. However, Mr Spinner has turned off all of the water in the house and I got 1 flush per toilet – but fortunately they have about 15 toilets, but I need to remember which ones I’ve already used – I might need a spreadsheet!

My son  Matthew went with me one of these times, and like any teen-aged boy his first stop is the refrigerator.  He’s not that picky, but let me just say that there are some interesting lab cultures growing in there!

So I’ve been slowly moving everything to my house to save the late night trips, her house is scary at night, and packaging up the orders for the UPS man to pick-up in the morning from my porch.  After the third day, I hear a knock on my door from the UPS man picking up the orders.  He asks me if sending packages is going to be a regular event, as he’s used to only delivering at my house.    I explain that I’m covering for Spinner and things should be back to normal in a couple of weeks.  Great, he explains, since it’s inconvenient for him for me to send packages, as I’m early on his route and he doesn’t like come back here later in the afternoon and might have to re-jig his route because of me!

Geesh, I think, it didn’t really cross my mind that by me sending packages via UPS was an inconvenience to the UPS man!   I’ve had many problems with UPS that have been the topic of blogs past, and after spending days of my life listening to their Muzak, I must say that there is a part of me that would like to see them inconvenienced.  I thinking of sending out the orders 1 at a time, waiting 15 minutes until after he picks one up to schedule my next pick-up for the day.

If only I had the time to follow through, but maybe I will at least pipe my own Muzak outside for them to enjoy.  What do you think would be more annoying – banjo music or accordion polkas?

Have a Smashing Weekend!

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