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How I spent my Summer Vacation

August 18, 2011

Today was freshman registration – hard to believe that my oldest will be going to high school.  We’ve had a very busy and fun-filled summer, but the last week or so, maybe not so much.  One morning last week, I ask my boys if they’d like to go into Chicago and they excitedly got into the car.  They didn’t notice the exit I took off of the Kennedy, busy with their electronic devices – but when the car stopped and they jumped out, they were very confused.  This is not what they had in mind and son #2 didn’t really believe we were in Chicago.  (Son #1 has been here before and knew exactly what I was up to!)

Oh, I need to make a quick detour in the factory to check on some things – come on in and take a look; it will only take a couple of minutes. Famous last words.  I was going to give them a tour around, but there was an official looking guy in a tie talking to the factory owner, who was giving me the stink-eye. Hmm, maybe the OSHA inspector?  So I leave them in the front near the cutting machines and told them to behave and would be back in 5 minutes, thought it would be interesting to watch all of the sharp things.

Thirty minutes later, I don’t see them.  Boy, I really hope that wasn’t an OSHA inspector!  I’m not that knowledgeable on safely regulations – but I’m pretty sure they frown upon minors running around a factory floor with giant cutting blades.  Nonchalantly I start wandering around and act casual for a few minutes….Didn’t really think I need to look on the ground, but there they were wrestling. Yikes!  Let’s make a break for it before that guy in the tie sees us and I whisk them out of there. When we get to the car I ask them what they were doing – they replied that they were bored and that I should have known better than leave them alone for that long.

Lesson learned!

But if they need a story next week on how they spent their summer vacation – here is where I spent my last two weeks of summer, whilst Spinner was on the beach drinking margaritas.

We're not in Kansas anymore!

Just another stop boys – I have a good idea for some venture capital:

Enjoy these lazy days of summer while you can and have a Smashing weekend!

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2 Comments leave one →
  1. Tenniswall permalink
    August 18, 2011 7:24 pm

    Don’t worry. They just ran out of little umbrellas. I guess it’s time to come home

  2. Max (the Max in the blog) permalink*
    August 19, 2011 2:02 pm

    we weren’t fighting, we were fighting about who will be grounded for cutting a employies head of and eating it’s gut’s out.

    Who do you think will get the blame? here are all the people who I think who did it and what percentege is it.

    Matthew- 66%

    Max- 0%

    A employie- 4%

    A homeless dude who just ramdomly walked in- 10%

    Any kind of incect that than kill- 7%

    Mom- 2%

    Dad- 2%

    James Bond- 1%

    Blowfelt- 8%

    Just answer back.

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