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Walking to Vegas

August 21, 2011

I should preface this blog with the fact that I’ve had about 3 hours sleep as my flight home from vaca was canceled and so took the scenic route through multiple cities to get home.  Why I rushed home to jump back into this chaos I don’t know, but I’m pretty sure the representative at Spirit Airlines who has had me on hold for over 58 minutes now, will take the brunt of it.

As you all know, we are traveling to the big PGA Show in Las Vegas tomorrow and have had to travel on “the cheap” as  SFG fresh back from her vaca has had plenty of time to check our books.  So we are flying some airline called Spirit.  Never heard of it, but it is cheap — so how bad can it be?

Here’s all the stuff they don’t tell you:

1. To carry on a bag:  $35 online — $45 at airport

2. To print a boarding pass: $5

3. To select a seat: $10-$30

4. To wear shoes: ??

When you hear someone say they went “with only the shirt on their back,” they were most likely flying Spirit Airlines.  Because if they wore shoes, they would have been charged.

Now I’m fully anticipating a host of other charges when we get to the airport and have already alerted Ace to bring a wad of cash because I’m sure there is a hefty fee to get through airport security.  But I’m annoyed that I can’t even save a little $$ and print out boarding passes as their website is down.

I call the customer service line.

It has currently been 58 minutes on hold and no representative.  Ironically, the message they have playing on repeat is all the “tips” to make your trip less stressful.

I know I should hang up, but I’ve invested 59 minutes now, I have to be next right?

As I’m on hold listening to this I receive an email with the shipping and handling charges of our “small” boxes we had shipped to the conference center.  Lets just say the charge is way more than they told us and it is all in the “handling portion”.  I’m confused why people keep “handling” the boxes. But it seems every day we are getting a charge for some doing something with our boxes,  STOP TOUCHING OUR BOXES!!!

So now, 62 minutes on hold, I’m making a list of all the people I have to find at the PGA Show to tell them to stop touching our stuff because I can’t take any more charges!!


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  1. Lisa Pawczuk-alyssa's aunt permalink
    September 6, 2011 11:10 am

    Southwest is the way to go…I had a great time with no hidden cost…..check them out.
    Plus great going on your national launch….Aunt Lisa

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