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Silence is Not Golden

August 25, 2011

Smashing out on the town

If you’ve been following our blog lately, you know that Smashing has been in Las Vegas this week – or at least 2/3 of Smashing!  I won’t rain on their parade, so you’ll have to wait until Monday to get the Vegas scoop from Spinner.  

But don’t worry – I can empathise with you.   Until a few minutes ago, the last I heard from them was 3 days ago when they posted this picture on their Facebook page and a random late night text that was complete gibberish, something about visors – which we don’t sell.   I knew they had a flight yesterday afternoon, and knowing Spinner’s recent luck with planes – I figured that they would have been diverted to Detroit.  

So I waited patiently until this morning to ask for a quick synopsis.  Sent an email at 5:30am – gave them a few hours to respond, because not everyone is up at that hour.  But still nothing….So a quick text at 9 asking for at least a “thumbs up or thumbs down”.  Still Nada! Hmm? Maybe they’re still at Tao, where this photo was taken?  So I pack up my car with supplies for a meeting with the factory – I’m thinking of getting a bungalow across the street soon – and send another text of merely “???”.  My phone was anxiously waiting a reply text – nothing!

This cannot be good – I’m thinking, they obviously don’t want to tell me something.  

So traffic on the Kennedy takes its usual time and I always stop at the Des Plaines oasis for a large iced tea, so when I arrive at the factory, I need to use the ladies.  I guess this was the first time that I visited the facilities there, because I was unaware that it was BYOTP!   Fortunately, I found a girl in the office that had a spare roll in her desk.  Now I try to have a certain professional image on the job, but let me tell you it’s impossible to do while walking down the hallway with a roll of toilet paper in your hand.  

A quick check of the phone – no text! I conduct my meeting and we work out a solution to a design question and I’m off.  On the way home, always stop at the drive-thru on Cicero for another iced tea!  (Yes, I’m addicted.)  I get a couple of miles from my house when my cell rings.  Aha, finally an update.  But not to be, it’s the factory owner asking me if I’m still in the neighborhood, as they hit a snag and wanted to show me a couple of options.  I’m not actually in the neighborhood, but I turn around, wondering if I have time for another drive-thru iced tea and maybe a stop at the grocery store so I can BYOTP.  

I did neither….Returned to the factory and made a quick executive decision – if they’re not going to even tweet  that they’re in Vegas still, they don’t get a say!

So how was Vegas?  I guess like you, we’ll find out on Monday!

Have a Smashing weekend!

2011 Copyright Smashing LLC 2011 Copyright

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