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Going “All Irene” at PGA Expo

August 29, 2011

Sorry this blog is a little late, I know you are all dieing to know how Vegas went. I’ve been a little busy.  Following up on leads, coordinating shipping of our stuff back from the show and of course, beginning my complaint letter campaign.  But let’s start at the beginning…..

It all started with a little plane ticket on an airline called Spirit.  Those of you that read my blog last week, know that we got off to a bumpy start (all puns intended) trying to get boarding passes.  Well it didn’t get better once we got to the airport.

Arriving 1.5 hours before our scheduled flight, Ace and I figured we had plenty of time to make the plane.  Apparently there is only one person that works at Spirit.  They handle customer service, airport check in, gate security and they are at times the pilot.  So as we go to the end of a line that is a mixture of humans and lifestock, we begin to sweat. Are we sweating because we are not sure we will make our flight or because they don’t have AC in Terminal 65?  I’m not sure.

When we finally get to the desk after 45 minutes, they inform Ace her bag is overweight.  While most airlines allow you 50 lbs, Spirit only allows you 40 (of course they do).  So at 44 lbs, Ace forks over $50.  She is most definitely NOT HAPPY.

We then proceed to security.  Ace gets stopped and ends up in the body scanner where she is stuck for another 20 minutes.  Apparently her bangle bracelet and the fact she would not stand still with her arms in the air for 20 minutes was causing the threat level to move to red.

Now with 25 minutes to spare (and 5 minutes before boarding) we walk to the gate.  We are at gate 16.  We found 15 we found 17 we found 18 and 19, but no 16.  At this point I begin looking for Peter Funt praying to God this cruel joke is about to end.  But then as I turn my head to the heavens for answers, I find a sign that points to where gate 16 is located at the end of a long dark hallway.

We head to the gate and elbow our way through to see what the status is of our flight.  There is no one at the desk.  There are no boards updating status.  And there are no planes outside the windows.  There is no Peter Funt.

I spy an ‘agent” at another gate and immediately go to talk to her.  I ask her what is going on with the Vegas flight.

“It’s delayed,” she responds

“How long?” I say

“I don’t know.  I guess whenever the plane gets here.” she says

Trying to not raise the threat level any higher than Ace did in security, I ask her if she can re-book us as we are speaking at a conference tonight.

She whips out her cell phone and calls her supervisor which she gets disconnected from multiple times because she is using a CELL PHONE.  I ask her why she doesn’t use the land line. She looks at me like I’m crazy and says, “We don’t have phones at Spirit.”

At this point, I just hope they have engines.  And 2 would be nice.

Finally the plane “rolls in” and we board 2 hours late.  After picking up some saltines and diet ginger ale at the Vegas airport since Doogey Howser was flying the plane, we head to the Expo and have 1 hour to set up our booth.

The set up went relatively smoothly but we are missing a mannequin that we were promised for the show.  Since no one is still in the conference hall, I decide to wait until morning to hunt down the elusive mannequin.


Time to get up and sell some stuff.

We arrive at the Expo and I immediately hunt down the New Product Girl in charge of mannequins.  She informs me there is a problem.  They gave away our mannequin. (I’m pretty sure she used to work at Spirit Airlines)

“What do you mean you ‘gave it away?” I ask

“Well. you weren’t here and someone else really wanted it.  And they were getting angry, so we gave it to them.”

You want angry, I’ll give you Irene angry.

“Listen, I’m here now, I paid for the mannequin, and I want her ***** stuff off of it and ours on NOW.” I say not quite as sweetly as intended

She calls her boss

Her boss is in a “meeting” and will come find me afterward.

Dude, was I born yesterday?  I don’t have time for this.


Well I had about 4 PGA senior officials meet me in 5 minutes.

I don’t want to spoil the end of the story, as I’m sure Ace would like to talk about the Expo as well, so I’ll leave it at this — Irene also hit Vegas.

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  1. August 29, 2011 10:42 pm

    Feel so sorry for you but it is nice to read your post and know that we are not alone in both travel and conference challenges. You guys rocked the Expo 😉

  2. Spinner permalink
    August 30, 2011 5:57 am

    Thanks Susanita!! It was great meeting you and all worked out in the end as we had an amazing show.

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