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Spirit Airline and Amazon to join forces

September 12, 2011

Lord help us all.

So it seems that Amazon is taking some customer service advice from Spirit Airlines.

Those of you that follow our blog know the wonderful experience we had flying Spirit Airlines to the PGA Show in Vegas. It was about as seamless as getting a bill passed in Congress. After being on hold for over an hour waiting for a customer service rep, I resorted to sending emails to the help center. I finally did get to talk to a “live” (notice the use of quotes) person and they very generously offered me a $5 credit for my troubles on a future trip with Spirit Airlines. I never did get a response from the Internet customer service center. Until Friday…

Yes, 3 weeks after sending the email to the help center, I get the following reply

“Please allow me to apologize for the delay in our response. We are currently experiencing an unusually high volume of customers needing assistance at this time.”

Three weeks to answer an email?!? That’s a LOT of customers experiencing problems!

After about 20 minutes of laughing at this email, I then get an email from a frustrated Ace who is trying to set up our Amazon store. Apparently Amazon is insisting that a Spinner Shu is the owner of Smashing and not Spinner.

Amazon is obviously not reading our blog, or they would know the lengths I went to get rid of the extra Spinner’s on LinkedIn! Amazon beware.

Ace frustrated has sent on all the paperwork etc, but still they are insisting that it is incorrect. Ace finally blurts out, “She’s not even Chinese!”. (although I do love the food)

Ok now I’m really laughing

I tell Ace we should find this Spinner Shu because if she is willing to put some money in, and can write a funny blog, we may just make her a partner

Ace laughs good heartedly but clearly is not happy with my flippant answers that are not solving problems.

Huh, looks like I’m taking tips from Spirit Airlines as well.

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