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Before, During & After – Part One

September 22, 2011

The Smashing Golf & Tennis Difference

This Blog is going to be a two-parter, maybe even a mini-series….

It’s been a roller coaster week in the local tennis world here.  The almost highlight was when the tennis pro started a sentence with, “You remind me of Serena,…..”, but then went not to compare our tennis skills, but more our verbal range on the court.

So I’m a little concerned when I get a text today from Spinner saying that we both need to look good wearing our Smashing outfit tomorrow for our match.  It seems that we’re playing an elusive club that she has been trying to get an appointment with for months and she thinks by us wearing our favorite outfits while trying to kick their butts will be a great way to get a sale.

I can look good and be very friendly before and after the match, but cannot be held accountable with what happens the 90 minutes in between.  So how will Spinner’s trash-mouthed & disheveled partner help her meet her sales goals?

Stay tuned for tomorrow to hear the results…..

Have a Smashing Friday!

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