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Let me talk to your Supervisor!

September 29, 2011

This was originally going to be a quick blog on Smashing’s Call Centre.

But, as I write this I’m listening to the hold music at Verizon wireless after insisting that I speak to a supervisor because the second customer rep has forced me to yell at her.    I upgraded my son’s phone from a basic phone to a smart phone and I was told by the Verizon sales guy, the flyer that was mailed to me and the first customer service “chat” rep, that I was eligible for a $100 rebate.  But, and here’s where they drive you crazy, I need to talk to a live person to get my promo code.

So I dial and talk to the live customer sales rep, Shonda, who proceeds to tell me that I’m not eligible and that those others didn’t know what they were talking about and she doesn’t care what my flyer says – there are exceptions.  I’ve told her I’ve read all of the teeny, tiny print and I’m sure she must be wrong and I want to speak to her supervisor.  She said that wasn’t necessary and that she was right.  Still undeterred, I insist on being transferred to the supervisor and was not going to speak with her any longer.

So I’m on hold for 15 minutes and she finally returns that they’ll make an exception for me and give me my rebate – but they’ll be giving her the details in 5 days and she’ll have to text me the secret code. I’m not counting on her texting me, so I’m sure to be calling Verizon back next Thursday.

What does this have to do with Smashing?  Well yesterday I was manning our “call centre” and a customer emailed saying that she wanted her money back from something she bought quite awhile ago as she wanted a smaller size.  This was outside the terms of our stated refund policy, but since she wanted a smaller size I told her that we’d be happy to offer her a free exchange in her desired size.

Seems like she didn’t really want a smaller size and comes up with a good story and while in the process of trying to resolve her problem, she asks to speak to my supervisor!  As I look around our call center, all I can see is my heavily drugged son (he’s recovering from surgery) and my dog. Hmm? Who shall be my supervisor – I’m thinking the dog might be more coherent.

So as I wait for her to consider the options we’ve given her to try to keep her happy, I worry that I may have to answer the phone with an accent and pretend to be the supervisor to make her feel better.  I know I feel gyped that I was never transferred to the Verizon supervisor – do you think their call center also has people answering questions in their PJ’s?

Have a Smashing weekend.

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