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Marilu Henner wants Smashing!!

October 2, 2011

Once again, the sales & marketing department has attracted major media attention!

I got a phone call a few weeks back from the producers of “Art of Living” which is a program that Marilu Henner is the host of and they were interested in doing a story about evolving fashion within the golf industry.  They stumbled upon Smashing and thought this would be a great fit (pun intended) for this segment. (of course I took slight offense to the phrase, “stumbled upon” and enlightened them that they found us through our stellar media plan)

Those of you that are on the younger age of our demographic, may not know Marilu.  She has been in numerous Broadway productions, films (such as LA Story with Steve Martin), and of course used to be on “Taxi.”  So in other words, A CELEBRITY WANTS TO WEAR US!!

As the producer is outlining how Smashing would be featured, I keep checking the caller id to make sure that this isn’t one of my friends playing a prank, because last week when “Matt Lauer” called I clearly “fell for it” and now am the punchline of quite a few jokes.

But as I’m talking, I googled the phone number, and it is all legit.

I’m getting REALLY excited.

So after the prelim phone call they want to talk to all the partners (ie, Ace and SFG) to make their final decision.

I put SFG and Ace through a 1 week crash course on PR DOs and DON’Ts and then we call in to talk to the production team.

All is going wonderfully, we agree to shoot in early November, SFG is already on Expedia booking flights, and then…….

it ALL fell apart…..

“We are so excited to have Smashing on board,” says the production guy, “but you can appreciate that the costs to do a production like this are substantial, (oh no), so while we will pay the majority, we will need you to pay about $35,000.”

He goes on to tell us about impressions, all the cable channels it will air on, how it will be national, etc, but we aren’t listening — we are trying to revive SFG and trying to cancel the airline tics she just purchased.

Slightly annoyed with the “bait and switch”,  I decide to do a little shoe shopping at Nordstrom.

I found the best boots — I mean — killer.  But the price was killer too.  No way I could hide this charge under “kids school shoes.”  So I decided to try a new sales tactic….

“These boots are fabulous,” I say

“They look great on.  Should I wrap them up for you,” the salesperson says after spending about 40 minutes with me trying on every pair of boots in the department.

“I’m so glad that you like them on me,” I say, “But I’m sure you can appreciate how expensive these boots are.”

“Yes.  But people will love them,” the salesperson says clearly not wanting to lose the sale.

“I know, I would wear them everywhere.  Getting about 300 unique impressions everyday.  I would wear them across the country as I travel for work and so they would get national coverage.” I say

“Wonderful!” the salesperson says and claps his hands.

“I mean these boots will go “social” when I post them on my FB, Twitter, & LinkedIn pages,” I continue.

“I love it,” he replies

“All I need for you to do, is to chip in 20%,” I say

Needless to say, the Nordstrom salesperson didn’t go for it and was clearly agitated for spending all this time with me.

I know the feeling; I know the feeling…



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