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“Old Guys” Playing Tennis

October 21, 2011

I thought I’d surprise my family with tickets to the Champions Series Tennis to see some tennis greats play in Chicago – McEnroe, Agassi, Courier & Borg.  (Borg pulled out due to an injury and replaced by Todd Martin.)

I know I was excited – the last time I saw McEnroe play was at Wimbledon in the late 1980’s and was wondering if it would be equally exciting.  My boys were less than thrilled spending their school holiday watching some “old guys” playing tennis.

Well, these old guys showed up and played some fantastic tennis and provided some great entertainment.  And while not a grand slam tournament, there’s still prize money of $1,000,000 to split for the top 3 finishers – so an incentive to win, albeit probably small change for some of them.

Since Chicago is not home to any major tennis events  –  I’m not sure where they found the umpire and linesmen.  There were several questionable calls during the evening and even in this “friendly” environment – there was some frustration.  At one point Courier was serving to Agassi and it was clearly an ace, but the linesman called it out.  Agassi graciously said that he couldn’t sleep benefiting from that bad call and gave the point to Courier, but did thank the linesman for trying to help him out. Earlier a frustrated Courier told the chair umpire that he better be prepared for the next match when McEnroe plays, if the bad calls were going to continue.

McEnroe vs Agassi was fun to watch – McEnroe, who has mellowed somewhat with age, still had to stop and have a few “words” with the chair umpire.  I wonder what new words the ball girls learned that evening.

But even with the rookie umpiring, it was still a great evening of tennis and my boys conceded that it was fun.  But next time, they want to see a “real” tennis match with young guys.  What will it take to get the pro circuit to make a stop in Chicago?  It was a good crowd at the United Center, although my sons were scared by the perfumed lady with the neon yellow dragon fingernails sitting right in front of us.

BTW Courier won the night in an exciting tie-breaker vs Agassi.

Have a Smashing weekend.

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