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The Black Friday Workout

October 30, 2011

I’m getting so excited.  It is almost November.  And you know what that means?  That’s right — BLACK FRIDAY!  (for those of you purists that said “Thanksgiving” I regret to inform you, that holiday is going to be canceled soon as retailers can’t make enough $$ off of it)

Normally in preparation for my Black Friday excursion, I have an intense workout program involving wind sprints down my driveway, high jumps (to reach that last toy on the high shelf), low planks (to get the toys on the low shelf) and some kick boxing (for those that try to cut the line).

I’ll miss that workout

Why you ask?  Because as usual retailers are destroying what fun Black Friday was and they have turned it into Black November.  So there are deals everyday throughout the month, no need to get up at 3am and rush to the store in a turkey induced coma.  Well, BAH DOUBLE HUM BUG!

But wait, it gets worse.

So of course the partners here at Smashing want to have our own Black November.

“But I was looking forward to people lining up outside our warehouse at 3am.  I was going to hand out doughnuts (because you can eat them, Smashing will hide it all!).” I say

No dice — the partners want to do a deal a week.  So you can all shop all month-long from the comfort of your home, with your coffee and furry slippers.  No need to search for a parking spot, elbow people out of your way, realized you traveled miles upon miles and they are out of stock of your size — just log onto and click away.

Sigh. Boring, I know.

So for those of you that are embracing this new, unstressful, totally reliable system of shopping, make sure you sign up for Smashing’s emails on the home page.  You don’t want to miss the deals that start this week.

EVERY week in November (starting Tuesday am) we will be releasing a truly DEEP deal on certain items.  Good for that week only.  These are savings we have never offered before, and I’m pretty sure finance will never let us offer again. So get them before she awakens from her candy coma of Halloween.

Then all you sensible shoppers can go play tennis and golf on Black Friday. (a sacrilege)

Meanwhile, I will be with the die hards, fighting for parking spots, spilling my coffee as I’m in a full sprint and elbowing people out of the way to get that $10 savings.  It’s going to be awesome.



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