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Daylight Savings Time & Black November

November 4, 2011

I love Daylight Savings time – so looking forward to that extra hour of sleep Sunday morning, at least theoretically.  While the rest of my family seems to be able to sleep forever on the weekends – I’m sure I’ll be awake with the birds (and these will be the birds too dumb to have already flown south for the winter.)

I do tend to get more done with the many hours I have the house to myself Saturday and Sunday mornings, although ready for bed much earlier than I used to be.  But don’t feel guilty women for going to bed early, I’ve just stumbled across an article that said that women need more sleep than men.  An excerpt:

“Now, thanks to Britain’s leading sleep expert, that argument can finally be settled. In fact, women need 20 minutes more shut-eye than the average man. And that’s down to a woman’s busy, multi-tasking brain. ‘One of the major functions of sleep is to allow the brain to recover and repair itself,’ says Professor Jim Horne, director of the Sleep Research Centre at Loughborough University and author of Sleepfaring: A Journey Through The Science Of Sleep.

‘During deep sleep, the cortex  –  the part of the brain responsible for thought memory, language and so on  –  disengages from the senses and goes into recovery mode. ‘The more of your brain you use during the day, the more of it that needs to recover and, consequently, the more sleep you need. ‘Women tend to multi-task  –  they do lots at once and are flexible  –  and so they use more of their actual brain than men do. Because of that, their sleep need is greater.”

To read more of this report click HERE.

So, if you’re like me and will be awake, what can you do with this extra hour on Sunday?  Here are some suggestions:

    1. Clean out your closet
    2. Start your holiday cards
    3. Exercise
    4. Give your dog a bath
    5. Shop Smashing’s early Black Friday offer – 60% off of dresses until midnight November 6th w/ code “DRESS”.  Click SHOP
Have a Smashing weekend – I’m off to do 100 things at once and then take a nap!
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