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The Model that Ate Too Much and Other Mishaps from the Fashion Show

November 13, 2011

Mom always said there would be days like this, but she never said there would be this many.

Saturday we participated in our third fashion show and the production company that runs it is top-notch.  Really, I can’t say enough wonderful things about them.  So we weren’t anticipating any issues and all arrived dressed to the nines, with heels and perfectly applied make up.

We looked like a horror show within the hour.

I arrive early to set up our mannequin for our silent auction item which is part of a golf package.  After I wrestle “dummy” to get the golf outfit on her, I rearrange the table and stick her up on it.  She looks great.  I look to see what golf course is paired up with our item, and see it is a Prince tennis racket.  Ughh, seriously?  I’m already sweating like a Biggest Loser contestant and now I have to change her to tennis?!?

Before I can body slam “dummy” again, I get a text from Boss, “come to back.  problem here”

You just wait “dummy” — this isn’t over.

I keep the golf outfit on her, pick up a glass of champagne and head to the model corner.

I decide to walk in with a positive attitude and say, “There are no problems, only opportunities we haven’t realized.”

Boss replies, “Well looks like you have an opportunity to go pick up some larger sizes for the models.”

Wait. What?

Apparently one of the models needs a medium for the runway.  While this makes me feel momentarily elated as I wear a medium, I’m a little confused why she wasn’t on a water and celery diet all week.  (isn’t that the unwritten rule?!?)

I asked if  the model could do a few laps around the building, go purge and then we could try again.  Judging from the looks I got, this is apparently not “pc” to ask anymore.

I decided it would be best for me to run home and pick up a medium.

I sprint out and tear out of the parking lot and speed on down the highway to my home.  I find what I need and sprint out.  I arrive back to the show in record time, grab a champagne from the man and head to the back with the new outfits.  The only problem is there are more wrinkles in them than a 90-year-old sun worshipper.  I explain they will “fall out”, but not sure it will “fall out” in the next 20 minutes before the show.  Luckily a steamer has been located.

Now that this crisis has been averted; back to the dummy.  But first a stop at the ladies room as I’m dripping of sweat, have a blister from running in 3 inch heels and my Spanx slip has rolled up to my chest. Considering I’m one of the featured designers of the day, I figured I should “clean up” and look more like a designer and less like Rosanne Barr.

I arrive back to the silent auction tent and it is packed.  There is no way I can wrestle “dummy” without ending up on You Tube.  However, I did spot one of our models and tried to convince her to get up on the table and wear our outfit.  While she agreed that would be a “get noticed” moment, she had not had the 3 glasses of champagne that I had and so agreed to sign autographs instead.  Worked like a charm.

Luckily the show went off wonderfully and we had a great response.  Remember we are donating 10% of sales to BJWC charities thru 12/3 with code BJWC75 (it also gives you 20% off). And for those of you that are local, stop by the warehouse sale on Wednesday — contact us for more info if you have not received an invitation.

Below are some pictures from the show.

Cynthia Eggplant Shirt and Kate Eggplant Golf Skort

Signature Bridget Dress

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