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The Customer that Ended Up with My Check

December 1, 2011

Never a dull  moment over here!

A few weeks back we were part of the Chicagoland fashion show.  We got a few tables where we invited family and friends to come and celebrate with us.  I put all the tables on my AMEX bill and everyone in turn wrote me a check.

Now one of our friends had a bunch of samples at her home as she was trying to determine which items she wanted to buy.  After picking the 10 items she was keeping, she returned the other 2. All of our items are meticulously packaged in clear poly bags.  She slipped her check for the fashion show in with one of the items.

You see where this story is going right?

As I’m in our inventory system about to add back in the 2 items she was returning, I notice we have a few new orders and one happened to be for the very items she was returning.  What are the chances?  So I pack up the items and send them on their way.

I get my AMEX bill this week and realize that (a) I’ve done WAY too much holiday shopping (b) I’m going to need to install an electric fence around Nordstrom’s shoe department to keep me out and (c) there are a few people who still owe me $$ from the fashion show.

I send out a quick reminder as I’m not sure how I’m going to hide this massive withdraw of funds from my husband.

One of my friends writes back, “I put the check in with the samples I returned.”

Oh no.

I look back through my orders to see who it was that ended up with the $75 check — I do know who it was and it looks like they placed 2 additional orders since then.  Guess they were hoping for my paycheck too! (obviously she has met the paycheck lady)

Not sure how I can contact the customer asking for the check back, so hoping that it just magically appears in my mail during this holiday season.  Or at the very least, that our customer spends it on more Smashing apparel.

For those of you that have ended up with extra $$, you may want to get those extra holiday gifts from Smashing.  10% of our sales in December go to Juvenille Diabetes Research.  Use code JDR15 to get an extra 15% off as our holiday gift to you.

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