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We’re losing our Marbles

December 6, 2011

Photo courtesy of Maggie Smith

There’s snow on the ground this morning in Chicago, so while the golf season is far away for us here, we’re busy with the indoor tennis season. Bright and early Monday mornings Spinner and I have a tennis drill with 2 other friends and a pro – we’ll will have to think of nicknames for them.  We love this drill, but Monday mornings are hard and does not do much for our game – Although for some reason, the others are chipper and ready to run – so maybe it’s just me.

But sensing that we need some encouragement, “PC” the pro always has some good advice.  The best being “trash-talking is 90% of the game!”. Now being the recipient of several comments on our inappropriateness of our trash talking on the court – this is just the encouragement we need!  (I think I’ve mentioned previously that I’ve received special dispensation from the head pro, explaining that my trash talking is involuntary and that I have no control over anything that comes out of my mouth, once I hit the court.  As long as I apologize afterwards, then he says I’m good to go.)

If trash talking was indeed 90% of the game, Spinner and I would be on the A team with a mantle full of trophies and not fighting it out for first to last place in our doubles league. (Just wait P & F until this afternoon – I think last place could be yours this afternoon!)

However, we’ve sadly discovered that we might need more than just trash talking – but since skill takes a lot of time for practice, which we don’t have starting a business, we needed something else.  I think we’ve found it….At the end of the Monday drill, the 4 of us play for a bit afterwards.  While competitive, Spinner and I are usually on the losing side of the set.  However it seems that we always have a few minutes court time left to squeeze in one last game after the set.

This is where we come alive, announcing that this one game is “for all of the marbles”.  For some reason this works, while we’ve won less than 20% of the sets (and I’m probably exaggerating that figure) – I think we are undefeated in the marbles extra time game.  Why?  I don’t think M & S are playing easy on us – we’re just differently incentivized.

Now we need to figure out how we can put this into better practice.  Perhaps we start paying each other with marbles, as we don’t yet have anything spare to use actual money.  So if anyone knows where I can get wholesale marbles, let me know.  I need to pay Spinner for being “Salesman of the Year”.

Have a Smashing day!

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Photo credit : Maggie Smith

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  1. December 7, 2011 8:28 am

    I’m trying to imagine your tennis trash-talking! I wish I could experience that first hand! On your marbles idea, my partner and I have noticed that if we stay focused, winning or losing, we can sometimes rack up a surprising number of games in the last 15 minutes when everyone else has started thinking about the errands they need to run on their way home. It also made me think of one year when I was in a contract that started to get a little too chatty and relaxed. I brought some old medal or trophy and announced that it would be “awarded” to the person who had won the most games at the end of the contract time (we do a lot of rotating). They kept the prize in their bag for the week and then handed it over to someone else the next week. A couple of people didn’t like the “pressure” of trying to win (crochet anyone?) but most found it motivating.

    • December 7, 2011 8:46 am

      The trash-talking is not a pretty sight, and many eye-rolls from some of the younger pros – ours seem to mellow with age. BTW I think competitive crocheting might be a bit too much for some!

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