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New Years Resolutions – Fail

January 14, 2012

Hello everyone and a very belated Happy New Year – I hope it’s been Smashing so far. I apologize for my blogging absence since the new year – I prided myself with a blog every week during 2011, even when I was on vacation.  So let me explain my recent drought. Like everyone, we’ve been busy making our personal and company goals and resolutions. While I’m not so sure that some of my personal resolutions will last, Spinner and I agreed on our “Top 10 List” for 2012.

Then she agreed on #11 – “Let’s make our blog more relevant and professional, OK?”  So for the last 2 weeks, I’ve been trying to think of relevant and professional things to say. Like all of my personal resolutions, I’m going to have to admit defeat – I’ve got nothing!  I’ve got loads of inappropriate and funny antics (at least in my mind), but nothing professional.

Warning – If you’re eating breakfast right now – you might want to finish before proceeding!

My initial 2012 blog that I had in mind before Spinner came up w/ #11 was going to be titled – “2011 Year in Review – My Many Conversations about Crotches!“.  Seriously, I’m not sure Spinner realises the countless times this has come up during my discussions with our pattern-maker, sample-maker, fabric mills and factory – who knew?  While she is having a myriad of professional Sales & Marketing conversations – many of my production conversations seem to ultimately lead there.

Although, I have yet to have a crotch conversation with our bookkeepers or accountant – No fear, as I am in the process of getting our 2012 files together for our tax returns and I have no doubt that it will come up. Perhaps something like, “Sorry, you cannot afford the new crotch fabric you’re planning for 2012”!

Sadly, this blog does not have room for all of these conversations and I realize I have mentioned one of my earliest crotch conversations in my blog The Land of Misfit Skorts in August 2010.  This was the time we were testing different factories and asked them all to make a skort sample for us, so that we can compare quality.  One factory was supposed to make a pink skort with white shorts underneath.  When I went to collect the sample, I was shocked that they decided to  make an executive decision and use the pink fabric for the crotch panel, which could be seen if you were to sit in an unladylike manner after a match. The most perplexing thing was that the female factory owner and female floor supervisor did not seem to comprehend why this was not a desirable feature.  Needless to say, they did not win our business.  (Although this piece is still sitting in our workroom and will one day be displayed in the Smashing Hall of Fame.)

Earlier this year, I was having a conversation with one of our sample-makers and while we usually don’t have a language barrier – she started talking about “crushes”.  Assuming that I would be able to put it in context if she kept talking, I let her talk for another 5 minutes explaining to me this problem she was having.  Still not getting this new sewing term, I asked what a “crush” was….Not “crush”, but “crutch”.  Oh, that clears it up – so she kept telling me about our crutch problems.  She must have noticed the bewildered look on my face, so I confessed again I had no idea what she was talking about. So she pointed.  Aha, “crotch” I exclaimed!  So we had an English pronunciation lesson on the word crotch – she never quite got it, but I now know what she means when she talks about our crutch design!

Not long afterwards, I needed to conduct a survey of whether tennis players wear underwear under their tennis skorts.  I did promise anonymity to those that participated, but several hilarious moments.  BTW My not statistically relevant survey puts it about 50:50.

One of my last meeting of the year was with our pattern-maker.  We’re in the process of creating a new dress design and during the technical conversations on construction, we spent a good hour talking about improvements to the shorts and of course 59 minutes of that conversation focused on crotch design.  Thinking that she must know the secret, I mention to her that something has always baffled me about some women’s shapewear and confessed that I didn’t know how it worked. (BTW I have asked several others this question – see not professional conversations.)

To explain delicately, some shapewear has what can only be described at a “female fly” underneath, so that she doesn’t need to remove the garment under her formal wear in the lady’s room.  She laughed, she didn’t get it either and shared an unfortunate story about someone who needed to use the facilities at her offices and unsuccessfully attempted to test the “female fly”.  Let’s just say the experiment failed.

Don’t worry – Smashing is not designing the “female fly” into our garments, although I’m now going to claim the copyright on the name.  But if anyone has any insight on how they’re supposed to work, enquiring minds want to know!

Have a Smashing Weekend

PS How many resolutions you broken already?  I confess that I’m not doing so well with my personal ones, but Smashing is going strong on our “Top 10 List” and were on the Phoenix NBC affiliate Ch12.

Additionally, I’m going to apologize that I’ve included them in the same blog – But we are very excited about Smashing’s new partnerships. Our first announcement of the new year is that we’ve partnered with the PGA Tour Wives Association.  The PTWA mission is to support children and their families via fundraising and service project on both a local and national level.

Use code PGA20 for 20% off and 10% back to the PGA Tour Wives Association charities.

2012 Copyright Smashing LLC 2012 Copyright

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  1. tenniswall permalink
    January 14, 2012 2:32 pm

    Are we going to have design a hang tag to explain our innovative crotch design?!?

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