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15 Things You Don’t Know About Us

January 19, 2012

In a recent interview, the interviewer didn’t want to know about the clothes, she wanted to know about us.  Why?  Because she found us “fascinating.”  This alone sent us into fits of laughter that were then quickly followed by fits of nervousness that the editor found out about all the skeletons in our closets (btw, Boss has WAY more than me).

Yet as I was preparing to dial my lawyer on speed dial, I realized that she was right.  People want to know about the people they are buying from.  Smashing’s product story has been told by many in the media (NBC News, WBBM/CBS, Shape, More, Golf Digest,etc) but our personal story hasn’t.

Now the story of how Smashing started is on our website, but we also wanted to add a section that let you in on the little quirks of the Smashing Owners.

15 Things You Don’t Know About Us

1. The Boss is very superstitious and after winning a tennis point will only play with the “winning” ball.

2. Spinner has no sense of direction & often gets lost on the golf course.

3. The Boss is always a professional — except on the tennis court where she swears like a truck driver.

4. Spinner can not fall asleep at night until she wins at Solitaire on her phone.

5. The Boss & Spinner are doubles tennis partners and The Boss will never take a deuce point.

6. The Boss breaks her New Year’s Resolutions by Jan 2nd every year.

7. No matter where the water is on the golf course, Spinner’s ball will go in.  Even when the lake is BEHIND her ball (sigh).

8. The Boss once flirted with JFK Jr (it didn’t work out).

9. Spinner swam in a pool with Keanu Reeves at the Chateau Marmont.

10. The Boss has dual citizenship US/UK because she wants the short passport line.

11. Spinner only uses 3 clubs for golf — driver, 7 iron and putter.

12. The Boss believes anything with fruit is healthy — she loves Peach Cobbler & Apple Pie.

13. Spinner has been to more Countries than States in the US.

14. The Boss is addicted to Words with Friends.

15. Spinner hates the cold, snow and ice.  She even hates ice in her drinks.



Spinner is Managing Partner of Smashing Golf & Tennis.  She is a fitness enthusiast and loves to watch “The Biggest Loser” while eating a big bowl of ice cream.  Right now she is freezing cold in Chicago

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