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A new Competition – Name that Top!

January 26, 2012

After several months of designs, fittings, changes, etc., our new top is here!  We’re very excited by it and I think it might be my favorite top – you might not see me in anything else! As you can see it has a flattering halter style front w/ some light ruching around the middle – so feel free to have that extra muffin.  So while we’re busy finishing up the test drive mode and getting it ready for production – we’ve got to figure out a name.

For quite awhile, Spinner and I have been debating the merits of having some sort of competition, sweepstakes, etc., but haven’t been able to agree – essentially she hates them, I think it’s worth a try.  At our last status meeting, we were discussing our new shirt and what we should name it.  In the past, we’ve generally named them after a women who has been a source of inspiration, either publicly or in our private lives. I suggested that perhaps we open the naming up to our fans and that they give a tweet length blurb on why this woman is inspirational and should have our new top named after her, we’d even offer this new top as a prize for the winner. Spinner – didn’t love this idea. (But I think she was distracted by her idea for us to bake muffin tops for all of our tennis matches – a blog for another day!)

So as we talked through this more, maybe it would be better if we each had an idea and then our fans could vote which one was better, Spinner thinking that we need to make it a no-brainer.  Spinner’s 10-year-old daughter had been quietly listening this whole time and was probably getting bored with the minutia and decided it was time for an executive decision, “Let’s go with Jayne’s idea and have the contest and you can include both your ideas, plus a blank option if they have their own idea! Oh, and by the way – I’m voting for Jayne’s name!”

Love this girl!  She listened to the pros/cons, then cut through the mire and came to a recommendation.  Plus it didn’t hurt that she’s voting for me!  I also like her Girl Scout cookie selling technique – Last week I walked into the door to pick up Spinner and barely through the door, she came sprinting towards me with her cookie order form.  Spinner suggested that she take a softer approach, but she said, “Not when I’ve got a live one here!”  So I placed my 100th order for Thin Mints, no one else better come knocking on my door!

Guess what?  With very little to argue about, we’re taking her recommendation and putting together a poll to have you help decide what we should name our new shirt.  We’ll post it soon on Facebook with the stories behind Spinner and my names and maybe you can win a new top in our drawing of all entries.

To boot – Spinner is thinking up ideas of what the loser needed to do, while feeling pretty confident that I would be the one performing these losing acts, as she thinks she has the winning name.  But I plan on winning – I mean, who would vote against a plucky 10-year-old Girl Scout named Caitlin?

Have a Smashing Day!

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