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Golf/Tennis Fashion Faux Pas #2: Muffin Top You Look Flab

February 29, 2012

I admit it — I have one.  There are very few people, regardless of size, that don’t have a little pudge around the hip area.  Even Amy Adams admitted she has one.  (Yes it’s true, the muffin tops have invaded Hollywood!)

However, while many of us have one, no one wants to see it protruding out of your attire.   There is nothing more distracting than watching these muffin tops jiggle all over the court or course.  It’s like watching a bowl full of Jell-O.  Reign it in people!

I know you are already at a disadvantage as many  tennis and golf apparel is made with this thin fat-sucking, muffin top inducing fabric. However, there are a few tips in what to look for to help you take the “wiggle” out of your game:

1. Banish those low-rise styles.  Rise above the belly!  If you carry weight in your mid section opt for a Mid Rise or Higher Rise skort style which will help to bring in your waist and hips and reduce the muffin top.

2. Ruching.  Ruching on the sides and in the front is great camouflage for any woman’s midsection.

3. Go up a size if necessary.  I know, I know, we all flip out when we see we don’t fit into that numeric size that we are supposed to be.  All manufacturers size products differently.  Pick the size you look best in.  Cut out the size tag if that makes you feel better.  Or just opt for brands that have alpha sizing (S M L) which is always more forgiving.

4. Try a dress.  What creates a muffin top is usually the shorts.  Look for either loose-fitting dresses or for dresses with compression shorts built-in (hmmm, I think I know a company doing that)

5. Try Smashing Golf & Tennis.  We have the compression built-in.  Bye, Bye Muffin Top.


This is a before and after shot taken with a competitors sports dress and with Smashing’s compression dress.



Spinner is Managing Partner of Smashing Golf & Tennis and mother of 3.  She is currently cranky due to her carb restrictions, so please stop  wearing capris.  And yes, she has a muffin top.



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